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Las Vegas Strippers Love Their Lingerie

September 30, 2016  |   5:34 pm
Las Vegas stripper Reagan Reilly from the Palomino Club.
Las Vegas stripper Reagan Reilly from the Palomino Club.

One of the best ways for a woman to turn a guy on is to wear some sexy lingerie. Most women know this, but they sometimes worry about what kind of lingerie they should wear. They want to wear the hottest items to make sure that they really get their man’s motor running. We asked some of the sexiest girls in Sin City, the Las Vegas strippers at Palomino, about the sexiest types of lingerie. Here are the hottest lingerie items women can wear to turn guys on, according to these highly knowledgeable strippers.

Lace Thong

When Las Vegas strippers from Palomino need to turn their customers on in a hurry, they turn to the classic lace thong. A man who sees a beautiful woman wearing a lacy thong will be powerless to resist her charms. One or our dancers said, “Whenever I want to make sure that I get a customer’s attention, I always put on one of my sexy lace thongs.”

Black Slip

When it comes to sexy lingerie, always bet on black. Strippers know that black is the perfect color to wear when they want to look hot for their customers. Another one of the seductive Las Vegas strippers who works at Palomino, swears by the simple black slip. “Whether I wear lace or satin, I like to go with the color black for my slips. Black is such a naughty color that it is an instant turn-on for guys when they see me wearing it.”

Push-Up Bra

In the world of lingerie, there are two eras. There was the era before the Wonderbra and the wonderful world of today, which the Wonderbra has completely transformed. Women who had never been proud of their breasts before suddenly felt their busts were sexy when they put on their first push-up bra. A man who sees a woman’s assets displayed in a in such a way will have his jaw drop open every time. A collection of sexy push-up bras like the Wonderbra is a must in the wardrobe of Las Vegas strippers like the sexy ladies at Palomino.

Boy-short Panties

There is something incredibly sexy about a woman who is wearing an underwear style that was originally designed for a man. Boy-short panties are a valuable addition to the lingerie collection of every woman. Las Vegas strippers from the Palomino Club like to put on boy-short panties to work customers up into a lather. “Boy-short panties with a high cut are always a turn on when a man sees them on my booty”, said another Palomino Girl.

Lace Teddy

The lace teddy is one of the staples in the wardrobes of most Las Vegas strippers. Teddies are always a sexy choice that will turn on most guys immediately. When you add the lace to the sexy look of a teddy, it is a potent combo that will draw a guy’s eyes every time. One luscious lady from Palomino says, ”A lace teddy is one of the best outfits I can wear at the club.”