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Las Vegas Gentlemens Club Entertainers Share Favorite Pickup Lines

December 2, 2016  |   12:00 pm

It’s the fantasy of every guy who’s ever visited a Las Vegas Gentlemens Club. You strike up a conversation with a stripper, and, in no time at all, she sees you as not just another mark but as potential boyfriend material. And, before you know it, you have the smoking hot girlfriend that makes all your friends seethe with jealousy.

The reality is, it’s not that easy. Any girl who dances at a Las Vegas Gentlemens Club hears pick up lines all night long. Some work, most don’t.

Girls who dance at the Palomino Club, the only fully nude Las Vegas Gentlemens Club that serves alcohol, are more than happy to share some memorable lines. One dancer said that the line, “I’m not always this tall, I’m just sitting on my wallet,” worked for her, getting her attention right away. Besides being funny, she said that she liked the fact that it acknowledged that the guy knew that she was working and that her ultimate goal was getting paid.

In the same vein, another performer said that she liked it when, after she told him her (stripper) name, he responded with an equally made up name, “Tell you what, you tell me your real name, I’ll tell you mine.” Though, to be honest, she said she gave him a normal name that was no less made up, she also liked the fact that he tried in a way that was different from the rest.

In the cheesy but funny category, a different Palomino dancer said that one line that she still remembers is when a customer asked her if she was an appendix. Confused, she said something like, “Uh, no?” and then he replied, “That’s odd, because I have this strong feeling like I want to take you out.” That made her laugh out loud, she said.

More than anything else, though, dancers at the Las Vegas Gentlemens Club say that it’s not practiced pick-up lines that work on them, as it’s rare they hear something new. And while they don’t mind being told that they look beautiful (who would?) or they were great on the pole, none of that is going to separate someone from the clutter.

Mostly, the Palomino dancers like it when they’re treated just like regular girls. Overwhelmingly, they say that guys who ask about their day, what they want to do in life, or where they’re from, have a better shot. If you can find something in common, a tv show that you both love, for example, then there’s something to talk about.

None of that connection, or the best pick-up line in the world, means that she won’t walk away when she sees someone who looks like an ATM enter the club. But, it could make all the difference in deciding who she sits with when things get slow. It could be you.