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When the hottest lap dancers become your last ride

April 21, 2017  |   8:16 am

When we check out from this thing called life, we all hope it’s on our terms. If we’re lucky, we get that much. We’ve done everything we wanted to do. We leave our friends and family behind with good memories, ready for the future without us. We’ve settled our debts, made peace with the inevitable, and face it with dignity and without regrets… Or we can die in a strip club after the hottest lap dancers put on a heart-stopping show of curvaceous sensuality.

It can happen. For 67-year old Robert Gene White, his visit t0 The Red Parrot in Del Paso, Texas, turned out to be his very last. A hell of a way to go, a sad and strange one.

When someone says the hottest lap dancers are to die for, that’s a joke

Even sexagenarians have wants and needs, and when you’re getting up there in your years it’s hard to give a fuck about what others say. In many cases it’s difficult to give a fuck in general.

So, Mr. White, God bless him and his loved ones in this extremely trying time, hit the club on Friday last week. The Red Parrot is a “legendary full service gentlemen’s topless club”, so whatever it was that Robert was looking for, they probably had it here.

The problems began after the last dance he received. When it came time to pay the entertainers for their show, Robert became unresponsive. His dancer believed at first that this was his way of protesting the bill, or at least trying avoid paying for the service. A ‘grind-and go’, so to speak.

But it soon became apparent that Mr. White was in serious trouble. CPR was attempted at the club itself, and when it was obvious that it wouldn’t be enough, the strip club called 911. Sadly, Robert White died at an area hospital that evening despite the emergency care.

We can assume that dying at the tail end of the hottest lap dancers giving it their all was not part of the evening. But if it was, we hope that he was enjoying himself right to the end.