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What To Wear at Las Vegas' Best Club

January 27, 2017  |   2:15 pm

There’s a first time for everything, for everyone. Las Vegas is, for many, a city of firsts. Your first time at a casino. Your first Celine Dion performance. The first bachelor’s party you ever attended. The first marriage… and maybe the first divorce. People celebrate big events in different ways, and one of them, inevitably, is at Las Vegas’ best club.

For gentlemen who have never visited a strip club, much less the only all-nude club in Las Vegas, there’s always a lot of questions. Believe me, we’ve heard them all, and the one we hear more often than you’d think is a simple one: “What’s the dress code?”

It’s posted on our Frequently Asked Questions, but for a refresher we’ll put it right here.What is Palomino Club’s dress code?The dress code is casual. This means no sweatpants, no jerseys, or tank tops. No plain white shirts, or sleeveless shirts. Put on some nice clothes, and leave the stripping to the ladies on stage.

Not that this is a bad question to ask, far from it! We get it.

When you’re in Las Vegas’ best club, with the hottest dancers baring it all on stage, you want to be relaxed. You want to look cool, maybe even cool enough to get some real attention from some of our ladies. Most of all, you want to have a good time, and you want to feel like a winner. It’s really embarrassing to get turned away at the door before you can get one foot inside.

“Alright, dress casual, I got it. But how?”

It feels like everyone has advice on how to dress. Seriously.

Every occasion, every club, every casino is different. There’s no easy solution that fits all. Even with rules like ours, some people aren’t sure what to wear to the club.

Remember that you’re here to have a good time in Las Vegas’ best club. Dress for like you take care of yourself, but don’t over dress. This is the hottest club in the city, sometimes in more ways than you can imagine. Don’t “dress to impress”, but dress like you actually care, and people will be impressed. Looking good helps you feel good, and that makes it easy to relax.

A well dressed gentleman is also a relaxed gentleman. He’s easier, and even more fun to be around. And if you’re lucky, maybe those nice casual threads actually will get some special attention here at Palomino Club.

Got any extra advice for dressing casual? Any special tips that have worked for you here in Las Vegas? Let us know by leaving a comment!