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What Is It Like To Be A Strip Club VIP

November 11, 2016  |   9:18 am

A night out at the strip club is like a rite of passage for many men. Some men love to visit the strip club on a regular basis, while others visit occasionally. When a group of guys get together to visit the strip club, they have two options. They can hang out in the club just like every other guy there, or they can take advantage of a strip club VIP. Of the two options, VIP is the way to go. It may cost more money, but the whole experience will be worth the cost.

Palomino GirlSeating in a Private Booth

On a busy night, the strip club can get very crowded. This means that it can be impossible to get a seat. If a group arrives at the club late enough, they could end up standing in a corner the whole night. When they get strip club VIP, they will have their own private booth, with more than enough room for the whole group to be comfortable. They will be in a roped off area, so they don’t need to worry about the people in the crowd finding their way to the group’s table. More importantly, the dancers at the club will come and spend time with the group in their private booth. It is a great way to get one on one interaction with the dancers. This is something that guests may not get if they don’t get strip club VIP.

Bottle Service is the Best

When a group goes with VIP at the strip club, they have access to bottle service. The group will get the bottles of their choice and the appropriate mixers to go along with them. When the bottles come, the waitress will light sparklers to let everyone in the club know that the group is VIP. The best part about bottle service is that the group won’t need to stand in line at the bar waiting for a drink. On a busy night, they could spend over a half hour waiting at the bar for a drink. When they are in the VIP section, they will have their own personal waitress who is there to cater to their every need.

Security Host

When a group is sitting in the VIP section, there will be a security host nearby keeping an eye on the table, the drinks, and the group. They will also maintain order in the area just in case rowdy customers come over and try to join the group. If everyone gets up from the table to join dancers in the private room, the group won’t need to worry about people coming over and drinking from their bottles. Having a security host watching over the group and the table is a huge plus.

Strip Club VIP Hosted Entry

When a group chooses strip club VIP, they won’t need to stand in the long general admission lines. Depending on how crowded the club is, they could end up standing in this line for over an hour. When they go VIP, as soon as they arrive, a VIP host will walk them into the club and show them to their seat.

The Palomino Club VIP Experience

If a group is looking to spend a night at the best strip club in Las Vegas, they should visit the Palomino Club. It is the only club who offers bottle service for couples and groups to enjoy while watching totally nude dancers. If they choose any other club, they will be ordering drinks by the glass and watching topless only dancers. If a member of the group wants to spend some one-on-one time with the dancers, they can take their favorite girl into the private room. According to one of Palomino’s most popular dancers, couples are always welcome in the private room.

Whether a group of friends is planning to go to the strip club for a bachelor party, a birthday party, or even just for a guys’ night out, they should definitely take advantage of the VIP service. It is the best way to ensure that they will have the best time, with the best girls. Most importantly, there will be no waiting and no drama.