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What Is It Like to Be a Strip Club VIP

March 17, 2022  |   9:18 am

Is it your first time visiting a striptease club, and you want to make it special? Are you gathering with your friends for a special occasion? If you answered one of the above with yes, you should consider strip clubs’ VIP sections. These take your experience to the next level, but what actually happens in those rooms? Check out our guide to learn more about being a VIP in a strip club!

Types of VIP Rooms in Las Vegas

Your VIP room selection will depend on many factors, such as the desired experience and your budget. Depending on your preference, two-room types are available.


It doesn’t provide an entire area to your group. Other dancers and customers will be nearby. Whether you’ll see their activities depends on the room specifics. It might have curtains or feature several small couches or booths in a row.

Fully Private

It’s the true definition of a private room in a strip club. You’ll have the entire area to yourself and the dancers, and no one will disturb you. Contrary to popular belief, these areas don’t cost a fortune, but they are more expensive than semi-private rooms.

What Really Happens in the VIP Room at a Strip Club?

The primary idea of a VIP room is to give you privacy and improve your chances of having a great time. Your accommodation depends on the deal selected. For example, a four-of-a-kind package limits you to four people. You get beers or other drinks and great seating options.

Depending on the deal made for the performer, they can dance in your VIP room for 10, 30, 60 minutes, or longer. Talking happens more often than you think, and other things are up to the arrangements made with the dancer. It’s worth noting that having prostitution is illegal in Clark County, so think twice before heading to a strip club in Las Vegas with that idea.

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What Is It Really Like to Be a Strip Club VIP

For starters, knowing you are a VIP makes you feel better. It gets you going and puts you in a mood to have a memorable night. Here’s what you can expect as a strip club VIP!

Seating in a Private Booth

Fridays and Saturdays aren’t only busy nights because Las Vegas strip clubs can often get crowded. It’s hard to get a seat if you don’t call on time, which means you could end up being in a corner the entire night.

But if you make a reservation for the strip club’s VIP sections, you get the best seating possible. Not only are you guaranteed to have excellent places, but you’ll be in a private area. That means you can get comfortable and don’t worry about the crowd in the club. Private booths are also great for talking to the dancers. It’s the main privilege of the VIP area since this interaction is often impossible if you don’t have an upgraded status.

Bottle Service Is the Best

The service includes receiving bottles of drinks of your choice. Whether you like beers or cocktails, the strip club will deliver bottles, mixers, and anything else you might need. That eliminates the need to wait for a drink and order it by the glass. It’s crucial on busy nights since waiting 30 minutes for a drink often ruins the entire experience.

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Security Host

Your special host will have a task to keep an eye on your gang. The security will prevent anyone unwanted from accessing your VIP area. If you all leave to private rooms with dancers, the host will ensure nobody takes your drinks. Having someone watching you is imperative to ensure you can relax and have a premium experience.

Strip Club VIP Hosted Entry

The long admission lines in strip clubs can be annoying. You could end up waiting over an hour to enter. But if you have VIP status, there’s a special entrance for your group. The moment you arrive, you go to that entrance and enter the strip club. The fun begins immediately, and those waiting in line can just be jealous while watching you go through the VIP entry!

The Palomino Club VIP Experience

Palomino Club designed special VIP offers for those who’d like to spend their night in our club. Our VIP package starts with free transportation from your downtown or strip hotel. It includes watching completely nude dancers while enjoying bottle service.

There’s a private room for those who want to get alone time with the dancers, and performers welcome spending that time with couples, too. Palomino Club VIP packages are ideal for birthdays, bachelor parties, but also a regular Saturday night out. Contact us today to get your reservation and ensure you have the best time with the best girls in Las Vegas!