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What do Strippers Look For?

June 3, 2016  |   11:15 am

There’s a lot of reasons to visit the City of Sin, between the speedy weddings, all-you-can-eat buffets, first-class casinos, and more! But the gambling capital of the world is actually most well-known for Las Vegas strippers and exotic dancers. Las Vegas strippers are just like everyone else… Except with fewer clothes, of course. So we wanted to find out what Las Vegas strippers look for in a client.

If you’re planning on hitting up the local strip clubs for a good time, then you should know that it’s all about being prepared. Las Vegas strippers have a keen eye for finding the right clients (ie. The client that’s going to make it truly worth their while). When these girls scope out a room of patrons, there are a few key indicators they look for to tell if a man has money. The top 3 are shoes, watch, and nails. Odds are, if a guy has a manicure, he’s probably doing well for himself.

Although, in the end, having the dough doesn’t automatically mean the dancer will make more money from one particular client or another. Sometimes, the most generous clients are the “average Joes”. Some dancers might watch a man when he’s pulling out his wallet to tip a dancer or buy a drink. The reason for this is that most men won’t make an extra trip to the ATM, so their party-fund is limited to the contents of their bill-fold.

There are a myriad of potential methods that Las Vegas strippers could use for scouting out the right customer. Rumored methods range everywhere from checking a guy’s balance (if he’s sitting off-balance, his wallet is probably fat with cash), judging based on weight (statistically speaking, heavy guys tip better), and many more. The end point is to dress the part, express your interest in paying for her time, and follow through on your side of the deal. After that, everything else pretty much just falls in place.