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Warfighters given guides to Estonia's hottest strippers

February 24, 2017  |   12:04 pm

The relationship between strippers and military men is complex, to say the least. And militaries themselves recognize this complexity in its own unique, by-the-book ways. Leave limits prevent wayward soldiers from wandering too far from bases on the weekends. Curfews demand they report on time, or not leave the base at all. Anyone who has been the military probably has heard (or experienced) at least one story of incidents on and off the base. Sometimes they involve alcohol, or the “hottest strippers Private Peabody ever done seen”, or some combination of the two.

Of course there’s always the classic story that gets passed around: a young Lance Corporal falling in love after a lap dance, and proposing to the stripper who stole his heart.

Damn, she must have been good. Hell of a thing to pick up on libo.

There’s any number of pitfalls a young man recruited to fight far away from home could succumb to in a strip club or bar. And so, the UK’s own Ministry of Defense sought to counsel it’s soldiers with a booklet it produced, just in time for a 2015 NATO military exercise, Steadfast Javelin. Heh.

In the guide, the government provided expert information the Estonian capital’s nightlife.  It singled out three clubs that had the hottest strippers, and other “various elements”. It even included advice on how to enjoy spirits in public without picking up a nasty fine, and which shops to visit to find a present for the lady back home.  Let it be said that the UK’s MoD takes giving advice to its warfighters seriously.

The hottest strippers in Vegas serve our servicemen

The UK’s own ‘guide’ to its soldiers is hardly unique. The US military has long instituted its own ways to inform our best and brightest of what to do, and what not to do while off duty. With bases all over the world, you need all the booklets, video briefings, and lectures you can get. Every base has a different local culture to integrate with. You can even say that about bases here in the US. Every state has its own laws and local issues.

Nevada houses a number of military installations, and Las Vegas itself is home to Nellis Air Force Base. But here in Vegas we’ve seen servicemen from every branch, on leave or liberty with friends or family. Some have never been to Vegas before. Others are serving in one of military bases in the state.

Every one of our soldiers, sailors, Marines, and air men are looking for a good time. Palomino is proud to present to them the hottest strippers, the best all-nude shows, and a full bar. We know you all work hard to protect our country, so come on down, and let our girls work hard to give you a night to remember!