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Man gets a VIP stripper funeral procession

January 13, 2017  |   2:28 pm

People come to Las Vegas for major events. Large industry conferences are regular visitors to Sin City. Tournaments for poker, or videogames, make annual stops here to Sin City. It’s no surprise that many people use the chance to see the hottest Las Vegas dancers on stage. Some of these gentlemen (and ladies) want something a little more special. For them, some time with a VIP stripper fits the bill.

Life-changing events are things everyone celebrates. College graduates party with their friends at the best night clubs. Business owners seal deals with a VIP stripper or four providing drinks and entertainment. We thought we’ve seen it all at the Palomino.

A (last) VIP stripper dance for a father

The biggest life-changing event is when it ends. A Taiwanese politician knew this, and apparently told his family only days before his passing what he wanted. His son honored those wishes. Fifty strippers atop moving jeeps danced for onlookers of the procession. The man’s family said he had a “flamboyant personality”, and if there was any way to celebrate what the man was in life, this was it.

Surprisingly, this is not as uncommon in Taiwan as one might think. In fact, it’s a practice that is widespread in China, intended to draw more attention to a typically somber moment. There is a belief that more people attending a funeral means that the deceased will travel more peacefully into the afterlife.

Whatever you believe, we think the son made his father happy one last time.

A controversial dance for the dead

The Chinese government started cracking down on VIP stripper funerals. Fortunately this risque “tradition” continues in Taiwan, and surprisingly is not the only way people have tried to make funerals “fun”. In New Orleans, socialites have been sent off in many ways. Bodies have been propped upright to look alive as they once were, dressed in their sunday best while. One was posed holding glasses of champagne, dressed as flamboyantly as ever.

Some say that part of accepting a loss in your life is to learn to smile about it. A divorce, or death in the family can be hard to deal with, and it’s not easy to forget about either of these things. We all fear leaving people behind, and being left behind.

Maybe we don’t all need a stripper funeral. But after seeing some of these videos, I think I wouldn’t mind one when my time is up. I know some girls, they happen to be strippers at one of the best clubs in Vegas. We can make it a party to remember!