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Vegas strip clubs get pumped for Raiders relocation

April 12, 2017  |   7:58 am

By hook and by crook. With money, and the hottest girls in world-famous Vegas strip clubs tempting the rich, famous and burly with unprecedented amounts of booty. Las Vegas has its NFL team.

There’s a lot of money in football, and there’s a lot of money in Las Vegas. We’ve wanted a team for a while now, and we’re about to get the Raiders. The initial investment is going to be pricey, to say the least, but it’s happening. Expect the town to change. The Raiders will become part of the nightly spectacle. Casinos will bounce a certain way. Vegas strip clubs will bounce in another way.

It’s happening, and at this point it can’t be stopped.

Sorry, not sorry, Oakland.

It’s the stadium that did it, realistically. Oakland didn’t have the will or the money to put into a new stadium, and that sucks for them. You really couldn’t ask for a more loyal fanbase. While we gain from their loss, their loss is still a punch to gut to watch from afar. It’s not something I envy or want to experience first hand.

At any rate, a new stadium has to go somewhere, and land is at a premium. That’s not even considering how much a stadium itself will cost, anywhere. Look how long it took for the 49ers to get a stadium, and that team’s fortunes have been less than stellar.

Stadium aside, Las Vegas does have other charms going for it. It does have Vegas strip clubs offering free limo rides and lap dances to our new town heroes when the finally make port here in the desert. No, really. And you don’t get that anywhere.

But really, why Las Vegas?

Football is a kinda big deal. While ratings are in fact down, that doesn’t change football from being the biggest pageant of masculinity and testosterone in the US every year. Some of the movies that advertise during the Super Bowl don’t have the production values of a two minute commercial for your beverage of choice. You can follow the NFL just about anywhere now.

The City of Sin has been tapping into the sports market for a very long time now. Look how much effort Vegas strip clubs and casinos put into marketing around college sports. Having an NFL team of our own is one of the biggest signal boosts a city like ours could ask for.

That and with a stadium like this, there’s a chance to attract some other major sporting events to the Strip. Some Americans laugh at soccer, but for the rest of the world it is A Big Deal on a level that even the NFL eyes jealously. Inevitably, major soccer tournaments will play out within our nation. Las Vegas will be a venue. Count on it. And count on other sports making their way here in time. That’s what comes with major stadiums.

There are concerns of course. Not that other cities with NFL teams don’t already deal with similar concerns, or overblown ones. I prefer to err on the positive side in this case. Youth and money aside, this is still a career, and throwing it away over a lack of discipline (and respect for your entertainers) is something I believe the team’s management and coaches will keep in check.

Excitement building in Vegas strip clubs

You can bet your bottom dollar that there will be some promotions surrounding our new team all over the city.

There’s a Raiders fan somewhere near you, right now. Much like spiders, you are probably regularly within eye contact of a Raiders fan over the course of your daily life, and you don’t even know it. Well, you wouldn’t most of the time if they didn’t announce themselves in iconic silver and black paraphernalia.

Some strip club owners might be big Raiders fans right now. Some fans dance in the clubs. There’s definitely a few ladies working here in the Palomino who are excited about the news.

“I’ve been following the Raiders since I was little. One of those guys walks in here for a lap dance, I’m going to be professional as hell and not squeal for an autograph, not right away. Maybe after some time in the VIP lounge I’ll ask.” She grinned at us as she added. “I’ll ask real nicely.”

“You’re gonna hafta learn to share, girl!” said another of our dancers. “Share, ‘cos I wanna see ’em up close myself, right?”

Well, if there’s one thing to be sure of, when the Raiders come to town, they’ll have a pleasant welcome from their new city. And they’ll have an even better welcome here at the Palomino, one of the finest Vegas strip clubs.