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Vegas strip club embraces bitcoins

May 19, 2017  |   8:57 am

Las Vegas thrives off new and exciting ways for people to enjoy themselves, and to spend money while enjoying themselves. The Vegas strip club has evolved as the City of Sin has grown. It’s all by necessity. While beautiful ladies on stage is, by itself, an attraction that lures dollars out of wallets, you can’t get by on that alone. Some clubs put on comedy acts before the ladies take over for the night. Others offer fully stocked bars and sports lounges to go with the lap dances. Here at the Palomino, we’ve got all-nude girls and alcohol, the only Vegas strip club to do so.

Everyone’s looking for an edge. An ‘in’. And what we want, as business owners, is access to your funds.

And some strip clubs want to get a little more clever about it.

The Vegas strip club that has it’s own special brand of “butt”coins

Cheap jokes about the name the currency aside, bitcoin has been gaining some serious steam in Vegas. Laugh all you want, but casinos are accepting this so-called “fake” digital currency in earnest. It is no surprise, then, that there is a new Vegas strip club out there that’s offering exclusive access to tits, ass, and more through bitcoin.

The Legends Room is that club. Founder Nick Blomgren has teamed up with UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar, and New York Bad Ass Phil Baroni. Their purpose is straightforward and simple: bring together hot girls, fight sport enthusiasts, and an membership program through digital currency unique to the club. The Legends Room offers a special membership that promises a unique, big league cabaret experience to those willing to pay for it. They accept cash, credit, and bitcoins in exchange for this membership.

The club itself is divided into two defined areas. The average Joe can enter the non-members section by paying a nightly cover charge. Members have access to the more exclusive half of the club. Both sides accept all forms of payment to purchase digital tokens, called “LGD”. And here’s where things get interesting.

Going LGDary

Purchasing LGD is more than just a mark of membership. It’s special access to discounts that cash and credit customers won’t enjoy. These membership tokens can be ‘rented’ out to customers who want access to services like private dances. The owner of the token can potentially make money off these rentals.

Bitcoin, and in turn LGD, seems complex and impenetrable to the uninitiated. But The Legends Room is actively courting a specific type of client. The young, tech-educated and tech-invested clients who are already into bitcoin. It’s a growing market filled with people who are looking for ways to spend their bits. And these people include ladies and gentlemen alike who want their own taste of high-class strippers and porn stars. Just like the rest of us cash-and-credit inclined folks.

So yes, bits for tits and ass. Why not?