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Topless Prophet Alan Markovitz is back in the spotlight

November 24, 2017  |   1:43 pm

The man who’s life is defined by “defiance”, whose dream was to be the Number One strip club owner of Detroit and beyond, Alan Markovitz is back in headlines. His life as Detroit’s Topless Prophet has been covered in an autobiography and a Cinemax series. Now, he’s headed for the big screen… maybe. The story of the Topless Prohpet has been turned into a screenplay acquired by Symply Entertainment.

Markovitz is known for raising a middle finger at his enemies. Mob assassins hired by a former partner, burnt-out ex-strippers and ex-cop attempted murderers, fair pay for current strippers, his wrath has been felt in some way by many people. He’s not above getting personal and petty, either. Just ask his ex-wife; after a bitter divorce, Markovitz moved into the house next door, decorating his new pad with a 12-foot statue of a middle finger directed at the ex.

It also lights up at night. Some expenses shouldn’t be spared in the world of Alan Markovitz.

An uphill battle for the Topless Prophet

Unless you’ve managed to spend the last six months to a year in a coma, you’ve probably seen or heard about changes brewing in Hollywood.

Plenty of women (and men) are coming forward about sexual harassment. Whether it’s recent stuff like Senator Al Franken, or something that’s gone on for a very long time, like with Harvey Weinstein, it’s all coming out. So a movie about a guy with a questionable history with women feels a bit on the nose, as it were. Like someone out there is poking at an exposed nerve, and is intent on poking it until it’s raw and unfeeling. Which, in a lot of ways, is somewhat reminiscent of the man it’s about.

There’s gonna be a lot of ‘physical’ comedy under the microscope in the future. Hell, there’s a lot of movies from the past where people are now seeing things they weren’t paying attention to before.

I can see a LOT of people not wanting a movie like this made for many reasons. Some good, others not.  There’s already the start of internet flame wars smoldering in website comments sections. People are already weighing in, as is their right.

The case for a Markovitz movie

I think Topless Prophet, or whatever it ends up named as, ought to get made. It probably will.

With a TV series and an autobiography under his belt, Alan Markovitz is no stranger to getting his name out there. Clearly, the media has indulged the Topless Prophet before, and there’s no reason stop doing so now.

Like him or hate him, Markovitz has led an interesting life, and interesting lives are things people like to watch. The subject matter isn’t the cleanest, the man himself isn’t clean. There absolutely IS some fucked up shit that has happened throughout that interesting life.

But it is a life that has happened. It’s influenced strip clubs around the country, influenced a city’s politics, and has even pushed back against organized crime (for selfish reasons). It’s a life that is larger than most, despite being centered around an industry that is already under constant fire from critics. If we stopped everything that upsets us from ever being made, the world would be pretty fucking boring if we’re being honest.

Topless Prophet should be made into a movie and criticized as a movie, for what it does right and wrong. Just like the man himself. If that gets more people to learn about the Markovitz behind the self-made legend, great.