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Topless car wash for wounded California deputies

September 22, 2017  |   12:00 pm

A strip club in Yuba City, California, held a topless car wash to raise money for Two Yuba County sheriff’s deputies wounded in a shoot-out. A strip club staffed by exotic dancers with hearts of gold may sound like a fantasy (or an episode of a cancelled sci-fi television series) to some, but it very much was a reality.

The officers reported to a Rastafarian church on August 1st, after a worker at the farm began behaving erratically. Armed with a pistol, the man was pulling marijuana plants out of the church’s pot farm, and fled into a nearby mobile home to evade the officers. A short gun battle erupted as the officers were ambushed by the suspect. Wounded, the deputies managed to return fire. A third officer braved the mobile home twice to rescue the wounded deputies. Hours later, a SWAT would enter the home to find the suspect dead from gunshot wounds.

Returning a favor

The City Limits Showgirls in Marysville, California were the performers at the fundraiser. The event itself was held on club property under an enclosed tent. As you might expect, the Yuba County Sheriff did not endorse the topless car wash. The most they wanted out of the club was to keep the ensuing car wash dances out of public view. Some officers may have been more directly appreciative than their department let on. Club operations manager Hal Meyer claimed that some officers were bringing their own vehicles to the event.

The lack of open approval didn’t matter to the girls or their manager. In one interview, a performer said that police officers helped her and the other dancers feel safe on the job. A sentiment clearly shared by enough of the showgirls that the the show did go on.

A topless car wash may not be the best car wash…

It is a topless car wash, though, and that counts for a lot. It counted for a little over $2500 in donations to the deputies, who are both still at home recovering from their surgery.

It probably was a challenge. One of the dancers admitted to not having washed a car in her life. Going about it topless and titillating is probably a tough first for any talented performer. Factor in soapy water, slippery cars, slippery bodies… yeah.

The event was a great success, with cars lined up a fair ways with people desperate to donate to a good show for a good cause. It’ll be up to the officers and their families to accept the donations. Of course there’s always the chance they won’t, but somehow, I think they will.