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The Top 10 Las Vegas Nude Club Alibis

December 12, 2016  |   12:12 pm

Dancers at the Palomino Club have heard it all. As performers at a popular Las Vegas nude club, they’ve been given excuses and alibis that range from ridiculous to impressive. Here are just a few of the best.

1. Scouting For a Bachelor Party

“One man told me he was looking for a place to throw his brother-in-law’s bachelor party,” said a dancer who wished to remain anonymous. “As far as excuses go, it could’ve been worse.”

2. Meeting a Client

Many businessmen have pulled the “crazy client” card when justifying their presence at a Las Vegas nude club. Some businessmen even go the extra mile and actually schedule client meetings in VIP areas to bolster their alibis.

3. Misunderstanding the Club’s Purpose

This excuse is popular with married men. According to multiple dancers, “I thought it was a regular bar” has been heard by many wives and girlfriends in Las Vegas, especially those who are only visiting or vacationing in town.

4. Dragged There By a Friend

Another popular justification among married men is that their single friends tricked or dragged them to the club. “Of course,” said one dancer, “that only works if you actually go with friends who can back up your story.”

5. Drunken Mistake

This is a tricky one, said the dancers, but it’s believable enough for the first time a man gets caught at a Las Vegas nude club. “Just apologize a lot, blame it on the beer and promise that you’ll never do it again. She’ll forgive you.”

6. Sobering Up

On the flip side of the “intoxicated” card, some men have told their wives that they only stopped by the club to sober up. According to Palomino dancers, this defense is best used when the man is coming home from another party or social gathering.

7. Helping a Friend

“I’ve heard pretty much every variation of ‘helping a buddy’ that’s out there,” confirmed one dancer. “It usually works. Just say that your friend was drunk or depressed after a break-up, and you needed to cheer him up.”

8. Going With the Guys

This one works as a “special occasion” alibi. The average Las Vegas nude club sees spikes in attendance during sports events and national holidays, so it’s common to hear men claiming that they just got swept up in a wild guys’ night.

9. Needing the Facilities

One dancer recalled a trucker who claimed to be there for the food and the bathroom. “He might’ve been telling the truth, actually,” she reminisced. “There aren’t any gas stations around here.”

10. Doing Research

This explanation is popular among writers, directors, entertainers and other creative types. “You don’t have to be a professional, either,” shared one young dancer. “Just say that you’ve picked up amateur filmmaking as a hobby.”

These are just a few alibis heard by the ladies of a popular Las Vegas nude club. There are many more, of course, but these are commonly agreed as the most believable. Good luck to everyone going clubbing!