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The Right Way to Make It Rain at a Las Vegas Strip Club

February 9, 2018  |   11:02 am

The saying is “make it rain”, and we’ve seen a few high-rollers do it here at the Palomino Club. Someone with more money than they know what to do with decides that the best option is to toss fat stacks of paper into the air for the dancers on stage. You may have been lucky enough to be visiting a Las Vegas strip club when it happens. It’s an amazing excuse for the music to double in volume. Girls who are already dancing will dance harder, hotter, sexier. More drinks will be had, more cheers, and more laughs.

It’s the sort of thing glorified in music videos. A certain famous rapper in a previous blog entry has been known to do as much in real life. He’s far from alone, and we’re pretty sure that plenty of lucky gentlemen who’ve entered the Palomino Club have dreamed of doing the same.

So, making it rain’s a good and fun thing if you can afford it. It also helps if you do it right, which means not following this guy’s example.

How do you get this wrong?

It’s not hard to do, really.

  1. Have cash.
  2. Be at strip club. Say, the Palomino Club for example.
  3. Throw the cash into the air, in the direction of sexy strippers.
  4. Cash flutters to the floor and stage resembling actual rain.
  5. Make. Some. Noise.

Which isn’t what happened at this South Carolina strip club. A drunk 20-something was spotted kicking away at a toilet in the bathroom of the Treasure Club at Myrtle Beach. Apparently, he kicked it hard enough to break something important, because over $3000 worth of damage was caused to carpet in the club’s lobby. Water flooded from the bathroom into the club itself. The toilet itself, and the plumbing, added another cool grand to the overall tab.

Realizing that this is not the best way to get free lap dances, the wet bandit fled the Treasure Club. Unfortunately for him, he was caught by police that tracked him down behind a nearby storage facility.

This may not be the first time a strip club has had to deal with severe water damage. Hell, some clubs all but invited guests to experience it in real time last year! We are fairly certain nobody else has tried the “break a toilet in da club” method, though. Maybe it was sorta like a Tide Pod challenge, a “Break Toilet and Get Banned From The Treasure Club” challenge.

Hopefully, nobody slipped on the carpet afterwards.

The Palomino Club does not condone this South Carolina method of making it rain

We will throw you out. Don’t do this.

However, we do welcome you and your friends to party within our walls. With exactly 100 percent less toilet kicking, and more “enjoying drinks, experiencing all-nude dancers.” Add a little time in a private room on the side, and we promise a great Las Vegas strip club experience.

If you do decide to make it rain in the more traditional sense (with money), that’s okay with us! That’s the kind of party we’re ready for. We’ve seen a bachelor party or two in our time since 1969, and as long as yours doesn’t get all Myrtle Beach on us, it’ll be great.