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The Golden Knights Have Turned Vegas Into Hockey Town

May 11, 2018  |   1:10 pm

With the acquisition of the Oakland-Soon-To-Be-Las Vegas Raiders, the City of Sin could put a second notch on its major league sports belt. It’s a big deal to have such a storied football team in our city. They join our WNBA team, the Aces, a nice and even pair of talented organizations. They were joined by some new NHL expansion team recently, you may have heard about the Vegas Golden Knights.

So apparently what’s supposed to happen for an NHL expansion team is that it takes years to groom talent. Years of miserable seasons as long-established teams of veterans run roughshod over them. Eventually they make the playoffs, and eventually they might even win the Stanley Cup.

That’s… not what the Golden Knights are doing, and we’re loving every second of what they are doing.

#CupInOne might be more than a Twitter hashtag for the Golden Knights

Okay, so it’s a bit early to stick a fork in this one. But it’s hard to deny the excitement behind our hockey team in Las Vegas right now.

Over a year ago, a hockey team in our city was something entirely on paper. An approved expansion, a deal made with other teams in the NHL to jettison players they felt “safe” donating to a new franchise. Nobody was willing to give the Golden Knights a fair shot. Even after opening the season with 8 wins and 1 loss, former champions were quick to try and douse the rising fires.

Not that it helped anyone on the receiving end of the VGK.

If winning first place in the Pacific Division wasn’t a wake-up call, then sweeping the Los Angeles Kings in 4 games straight should have been. The Golden Knights went on to handle the San Jose Sharks in six, a warning to anyone doubting the Knights’ tenacity.

Now the Vegas Golden Knights bring their game to Canada against the Winnipeg Jets for the Western Conference Finals. And we at the Palomino Club are cheering them on.

No matter what happens now, we’ll be celebrating the Golden Knights for their amazing first season. And if #CupInOne becomes reality, the hottest and sexiest celebration will be at the Palomino Club. Come on out tonight, by yourself or with your friends, and we’ll give you a taste of what that party will be like.