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The Golden Knights Are in The Stanley Cup Finals

May 24, 2018  |   12:42 pm

Against all expectations, against tradition and experience, the Vegas Golden Knights skate into the Stanley Cup Finals. A team that started the season as the butt of jokes, a team that was “not built to win” might very well win it all in Year One.

They call themselves the Golden Misfits. They are a team made of players that every other team in the league found creative ways to rid themselves of. Even owner Bill Foley was hoping for “competitive” at best.

Sweeping the Los Angeles Kings? Dunking the San Jose Sharks in six games? Beating the Winnipeg Jets in five? Okay, that’s competitive, that’s #CupInOne material. We’re going to Stanley Cup Finals, and people are excited here at the Palomino Club.

Didn’t you blog about these guys like last week?

Two weeks ago, actually. We were talking about how awesome it was to have pushed this far into the playoffs. The Jets were looming in the distance, a potential end to any Stanley Cup Finals story.

After making fools of pretty much every single sportswriter who thought nothing but the worst was coming from the Golden Knights, losing to Winnipeg would have still left the team with a dream-like season. And the Knights did lose—one game, followed by four straight wins. The series ended so fast, the Knights have had to wait for Tampa Bay and Washington to settle the Eastern Conference finals.

Want to party before and after a Stanley Cup Finals game? The Palomino Club is waiting for you!

We’ve done parties for football’s Big Game. We do Monday Night Football, which now has special meaning to our city with the Raiders coming to town. We’re willing to bet that we’ve had a few people come to party with our girls after the World Cup. The ladies love a crazy party, and there’s not many parties out their crazier than excited sports fans celebrating a big win. We’re looking at you, Philadelphia.

So, Vegas is now hockey town. If you want to celebrate the Golden Knights, you can hit up a sports bar, you can grab a few drinks at home. Or you can hit up the only all-nude strip club with a fully stocked bar in the city. Come alone, or come with friends, and party up at the Palomino Club. Our dancers and our drinks are waiting for you.