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The best Vegas strip clubs look the part

March 10, 2017  |   2:06 pm

It’s no secret that Vegas strip clubs, any strip club really, rely heavily on the entertainment. The strippers on stage are the obvious eye-pull, the obvious attention getters. But then you have the waiters and waitresses, serving drinks and maybe wearing a little less than you’d see in some other establishment. If the club’s got a full bar that serves alcohol, the bartender needs to A Number One at their game, high energy and willing to help the patrons have a good time.

And then you’ve got the more specialized entertainment. The private rooms, the VIP-only upper floors where more intimate performances await those with the money. A sizzling lap dance or VIP pole dance is where many strippers get their biggest paydays. Repeat business at Vega strip clubs relies a lot on the talent, and the word of mouth they generate.

It doesn’t seem quite as obvious, but much like how the clothes make the man, the ambiance makes the club.

“And they’re always glad you came…”

Vegas strip clubs have to worry about appearances like any other business. From the outside of the joint, to inside even the bathrooms, the look of the club establishes the personality. A sign on the street can read ‘WE’VE GOT STRIPPERS HERE’, but so does every other strip club.

The outside of a club does a lot to set up what you’re going to experience. There are strip clubs designed with a traditional cabaret appearance, a throwback to an earlier time. The shows within could even match that appearance. But right there, you’ve got a club that’s advertised itself in a unique way.

Then you’ve got the Palomino. A sophisticated outside appearance, this is a gentlemen’s club. Inside, a center stage that’s well lit for gentlemen to enjoy the dancers on the poles. A fully stocked bar, next to smaller stages for groups to enjoy more intimate performances. Our VIP areas, highlighted by bright lights and inviting signs. People coming here know exactly what they’re in for even before they enter the club. When they come in, the ambiance lets them relax, enjoy the shows and a few drinks on the side.

Staying fresh, staying competitive, staying sexy

This is a business, a very competitive one. You can only rest on your laurels for so long. We offer new girls to our customers, but that’s only one important part of the Palomino. Vegas strip clubs have to stay on top of the technical side of the club. High quality sound systems, lighting programs that really bring the focus on the dancer on the pole. Comfortable seating, comfier VIP beds.

Different fonts on the signs outside.

Not even kidding here. Even the little things like this can go a long way to getting more people to visit.

Some clubs have been around for a very long time. They may have changed owners over the years, but the club persists. However, new owners may have different ideas about how they want the club to look. They might want to change the theme of the club, or add to a currently existing theme. Perhaps more VIP rooms are in order. Maybe the current carpets are too dark or too dirty. A change of lighting by itself can change the ambiance of the entire club.

Remodeling and renovation is a lot like a change of wardrobe for some Vegas strip clubs; sometimes new threads are needed if you’re gonna dress to impress.

Starting from scratch

Some Vegas strip clubs are very new. Occasionally, someone decides to buy property to build a club from the ground up. Maybe they don’t want to be tied down to a brand, or have a brand of their own they can succeed with. Maybe they’ve looked at buying other clubs, but didn’t feel like they could accomplish their goals even after closing a club down for a remodel.

Whatever the case may be, some owners want a club that is theirs, and not something they’re inheriting at a cost.

It’s about the people

Ultimately, it all goes back to the staff of the club. The staff is part of the ambiance, one of the most important parts. You could make an entire club made out of solid gold and fluffy pillows, but that’s not enough. Vegas strip clubs need their dancers on stage or mingling on the floor making customers happy. The dancers need to be happy to come to work, and feel safe while they’re at work.

We like to think that we’ve pulled that off here at the Palomino. Come give us a visit and see for yourself; the girls are waiting.