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The Best Strip Club Dancers Share Their Favorite Halloween Outfits

November 4, 2016  |   2:21 pm

When they’re not dressing up in their best for the patrons at the Palomino Club, the girls love getting ready for Halloween. We asked some of the best strip club girls in Las Vegas what their plans were for Halloween and what they love about their favorite costumes.

One of our lovely ladies stated, “I love working with makeup and one of my favorite things to do for Halloween is to find new makeup styles I can apply for the season. This year I think I’m gonna do a comic book dotting style to go along with sharp outlines and contours. With the right colors, I can look like a comic book character popping out to life and show it off at the best strip club!”

palomino club halloween 2016 - dat bootyAnother super fine vixen said, “Who doesn’t love dressing up like a superhero? I loved the Avengers movies and I love dressing up as Black Widow. I might change it up this year and find a sexy Captain America outfit to wear. I’m gonna get my friends to wear the other outfits and we can all go to the best strip club as the Avengers together!”

An especially bewitching lady quipped, “I don’t like to go too over the top and I like to keep it traditional. Dressing up as a witch is great because all I need are a few quick things I can pick up anywhere and then I can add whatever spin I want on them! I can change up the colors or the makeup without getting too far away from the way the traditional witch looks. I love it.”

You don’t have to be a joker to think it is sexy that another said, “I know a lot of other people are probably doing it, but I don’t care: I love the way Harley Quinn looks in the new Suicide Squad movie. I’m gonna find an outfit that looks just right and my makeup’s gonna be on point for the style. I might add a cute touch to the way the outfit looks with a softer bat or something, but I think the style’s gonna suit me great.”

Going for old school sexy one ambitious girl declared, “I’m gonna go as Jessica Rabbit this year. She’s like one of my favorite movie characters of all time and I just love the way she carries herself in her outfit. I think I’ve definitely got the assets to fill out her outfit, and I love turning heads when I show up at the best strip club dressed as her.”

palomino club halloweenHowever, not everybody was up for it this year. One of the ladies announced, “I don’t think I’m gonna go all out this year like I usually do, so I’m just gonna find a cute animal onesie and do up my hair so that the hoodie shows off the highlights. I’m gonna do a fox one this year and do a darker color for my hair so that the whole theme matches.”

Another dancer stated that “you can’t go wrong with the golden standards like Barbie”. She also said of her costume plans, “I love Barbie’s style and how many outfits she can wear. I’m gonna do her traditional dress and do my hair up like the old dolls used to have. I think a lot of people are gonna be excited to see the way it looks, especially with the new shoes I got for the outfit!”