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Taking The Strip Club Bus To The Strip Club

April 6, 2018  |   3:39 pm

Let it not be said that the United Kingdom does not know how to party. Despite accents that are immediately associated with culture and sharp wit, the lads and ladies of the UK are as rowdy as anyone else when it comes to a weekend. A stag party might have difficulty calling itself a stag party if it didn’t involve drinking, partying, and of course, drinking and partying on a strip club bus.

Enter Benidorm, not the popular British sitcom, but the actual city in Spain. A tourist destination since the 1920s, modern Benidorm gained a reputation in the 80s as destination for “party-mad” Brits. It’s a reputation that continues to this day.

This is partly driven by the city itself, which has taken great strides to improve and maintain the nightlife. The usual fare of cabarets, strip clubs, and pubs bring in partygoers from around the world. And there’s no doubt that fans of the sitcom want to see what the real Benidorm is about. It worked for the Sopranos after all.

But just going to Benidorm for a party and a vacation isn’t enough for some people. Sometimes you need a pre-party before the party. And that is what these buses provide for travelers who want to get started the moment their planes land at Alicante Airport.

The Benidorm Strip Club Bus Isn’t Holding Back

As the Daily Star reports, these things are mobile clubs. A little cramped, sure, but it’s definitely by design. And they aren’t so cramped that there aren’t proper strip club acts available.

Nor does the tight space discourage lap dances that seems to involve the stripper taking off a lucky client’s shirt and holding lights (or candles?) over a gentleman’s nipples. That, uh, doesn’t seem to be a service mentioned on the company website.

These buses are seriously awesome, and they can be set up to take you to your hotel or club of choice. If you’re going to Benidorm to party, there’s no doubt that this is the way to start it off. But let’s face it: we can’t all fly to one specific city in Europe to party quite like this. Fortunately, the strip club bus experience has never been just a Euro thing.

Party Buses Around the World

Benidorm party buses have inspired, and have been inspired by, similar mobile venues worldwide. From this high-effort number found in Russia, to the French take on this service, smart money has noticed there’s a market for this sort of thing. Party people want to party before and after the party. A pre-party, post-party package.

A strip club bus or party bus of some kind can be found all over the US, and I think it’s safe to say that we’re the innovators here. Even those French folks say they’ve imported an “authentic American concept”. You’re very much welcome, by the way. One day we’d like to check yours out for ourselves!

Basically, there’s a party bus or a strip club bus service somewhere near you. It would almost be weird if there wasn’t something like that running up and down the Strip on the regular. If you’ve ever wanted to take a strip club to the strip club, well, you’ve got options.