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Taco Bell Wedding: It's real, and maybe spectacular?

June 30, 2017  |   2:53 pm

People come to Las Vegas to get married all the time. And sometimes, they come to Las Vegas, and getting married is just something that happens. There are plenty of Elvis performers willing to go to the chapel with you. We’ve got a wedding drive-thru. DENNY’S does weddings. So why not a Taco Bell wedding?

Taco. Bell. Wedding.

You can find fucking anything in Las Vegas. Wanna shoot guns, have a literal shotgun wedding? Done. Casinos? We have more than a few. You’re on the blog of an all-nude strip club, the Palomino, standing tall among the vast selection of clubs in our fine City of Sin. So if you want your crazy themed marriage, we promise you can find some place in Vegas that will make your dreams a reality. And if your nuptials can survive a fast food reception, the roar of gunfire on an indoor range, or a visit to our VIP room? You have won at marriage and life.

The Taco Bell wedding also comes with 12 tacos and, according to the picture on their site, those little cinnamon ball things. And now I kinda want some.

Okay but why though?

It’s the evolution of a ceremony millenials aren’t exactly thrilled to go through with themselves. People have been doing themed weddings for a very long time. Some people have life-long dreams of being the Buttercup to their significant other’s Westley. The Princess Leia to their personal Han Solo.

For Dan Ryckert and Bianca Monda of New York City, the dream was a Taco Bell wedding. To be chalupa and quesadillo in the same to-go bag.  And they were serious about it. Look at these eyes. No really, look at them. They wanted a wedding at the Taco Bell Cantina, and they won it!

And lets be honest, wedding planning is a massive pain in the ass if you do it the normal way. The Taco Bell wedding has got the catering dialed in, guests have a convenient numerical menu to select entrees from! You remember that one Stallone movie, where the only restaurant left in the world was… yeah. It’s getting a little too real in here.

What could top a Taco Bell wedding?

After any great achievement, the dreamers and thinkers who got us all to this point ask themselves one very important question: Where do we all go forward from here?

Well that depends on your definition of ‘Top Wedding Theme Ideas’ and that’s not the kind of site we’re running here. We’re a fine gentlemen’s establishment, to be sure. But there’s quite a few people out there who would argue that a strip club is a good way to break a marriage, rather than seal one. And maybe they’re wrong. But don’t blame us if you try it out and it turns out they are actually right.