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Swiping Your Phone Over the Girl for a Striptease

March 2, 2018  |   10:23 am

Last year, The Legends Room opened its doors to those seeking a fun night out in Las Vegas. With the grand opening, it brought with a unique touch to the world of “look, but don’t touch”: bitcoins. Gentlemen possessing taste, and a bitcoin wallet, are able to pay a gal to striptease with a bit of digital coin.

While most gentlemen’s clubs, restaurants, shopping centers, casinos, travel companies, and so on, do not yet accept cryptocurrency, supporters and bitcoin miners believe that the revolution is both happening and not being televised. Places like the Legends Room are, in their hopeful eyes, just the start.

Cryptocurrency has continued to grow in prominence, even if the prices have recently been less than stable. While there’s plenty of room for jokes about “buttcoins” and “bits for tits”, there’s no denying that there exists a group of nerds, gentlemen, and gentlemen nerds who have invested a lot of time and money into mining cryptocurrency. And there’s also no denying that there’s a lot of alternatives to the original bitcoin. While these currencies may not be invulnerable market pressures, they have certainly weathered a lot of dismissive bullshit from the non-buttcoin public.

It’s not enough to have striptease and strong drinks paid for with bitcoins alone, though. The Legends Room is rushing face-first into our Blade Runner-esque future with this little extra touch: QR codes, temporarily tattooed onto a dancer, that can be scanned by any QR reader software.

Yeah, the title of this blog isn’t a joke. The idea here is that you can very literally swipe your phone over a dancer for a striptease or more.

How will we make it rain with cryptocurrency?

You don’t.

At least, until we accept the hilarious image of either a bunch of smartphones being thrown onto a stage. Or a stripper’s thong stuffed full of phones.

Another bad joke aside, this is the sort of world that we’re headed towards, isn’t it? Most people don’t carry all that much cash on them as is. Hell, most establishments like the Palomino Club have ATMs because some folks show up with just enough money to get in. The real fun requires a little bit more than the cover for the night. The dancers here are professional entertainers after all, and they want to get paid like the rest of us.

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas… but this could help.

Realistically, with social media always in our pockets, it doesn’t take much for a secret to get out. Plenty of guys (and ladies) come into the Palomino Club looking for a good time. And we are more than happy to provide said good time.

That kind of fun doesn’t necessarily need to be talked about back home. But all it takes is one errant tweet, one badly timed selfie of a nice set of breasts next to our faces. Suddenly you have a LOT to explain to a potentially very upset spouse.

So, enter the ‘swipe for striptease’ thing. If nothing else, cryptocurrency can be very secret and very private. How it is spent isn’t tracked quite like how our debit and credit cards are. So, if you feel like leaving an extra something for your dancer, bitcoins may help you get away with it.

Of course, if you can’t control your selfie instincts, you might still have a bit of a talk waiting for you back home.

Will the Palomino Club accept bitcoins for a striptease in the future?

Who can say, really?

Years ago, back when bitcoin first made some headlines, everyone expected it to be little more than a financial fad. One that would putter out faster than your bank account after paying for some dances the traditional way. And all those people who were expecting that outcome were wrong.

We’re living the future, folks. Someday, ‘scan right QR code for striptease’ and ‘scan left QR code for lap dance’ might be as normal as a drive-thru to a fast food restaurant. We’re not there yet, but maybe we will be, much sooner than we think.