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Super Bowl strip club mix-up embarrasses host committee

October 27, 2017  |   3:50 pm

With the NFL season well under way, already we have teams eying the end with hope in their eyes. The Super Bowl is coming, one of the most anticipated sporting events in the US every year. The Minnesota host committee is still preparing for the big day, but there’s been a bit of a rub. A fly in the ointment. A strip club in the list of food and catering vendors. The lucky Super Bowl strip club in question is the King of Diamonds Gentlemen’s Club.

As an organization, the NFL can’t seem to do anything right these days. It’s fumbled the response to owners, fans, and players¬† over the kneeling controversy. In essence, they are caught between being a mouth piece to politicians and paid advertisers. And then there’s the growing concern over concussions for veteran and rookie¬† players alike.

It’s probably a relief that latest screw-up is basically harmless. Unless there’s a way to actually die from lethal levels of being mortified over failing to proof-read a spreadsheet of business listings.

Why haven’t we designated any Super Bowl strip club before now?

The Super Bowl is a party in honor of two teams that embody (restrained, time-out infested, commercial break diminished) aggression. And few places know how to throw a party quite like a strip club. So honestly these people need to get over themselves and stop acting “embarrassed” for selecting a strip club as a food vendor.

I mean who the fuck are they kidding? Who are they trying to appeal to? A group of prudish, oversensitive, easily upset people who in some cases have already “boycotted” the NFL six times this year alone while still watching the games recorded on the DVR? Who still obsess over who is doing what, where, and when on their favorite team while swearing up and down that the sport ‘no longer interests them?’ Holy shit, you think someone was disrespecting something they actually held dear to them or something.

What they ought to do is select more than one Super Bowl strip club for next year. The next city that hosts, every strip club near the venue is a Super Bowl strip club. There are some out there who want to get catered by some generic sit-down like Fridays. I’m pretty sure the chicken strips at a strip club aren’t a step down, and if anything you get some real entertainment in between plays (and during the commercials breaks).

“It was totally a mistake!”

On every level, apparently. The owner of King of Diamonds, Debra Kalsbeck, claims that she never finished the paperwork necessary to get listed as an approved vendor. To put it in less polite terms, it was just too much bullshit to wade through. The real hope she’d had, originally, was that she would have the club listed as entertainment, because No Shit.

The directory was online on Monday of this week, and was offline by Tuesday. In a statement, the host committee has said they are now going to “thoroughly audit” each of the remaining businesses on the list.

Which suggests that they never did in the first place.

Y’know, when I was in school, I made the exact same mistakes while rushing a project that was due the next day.

At any rate, the “damage” is done, and internet commentators are aggressively jerking each other off in a contest to prove who is more offended about this grievous mistake. The real offense is that they didn’t correct the type of venue King of Diamonds was on a revised list.