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Music Helps The Hottest Strippers Move It

February 2, 2018  |   10:44 am

If someone asks you what the most important part of any strip club performance, the answer might be easy for some of you. You might say it’s some part of the dancer’s body. Her breasts, or her toned legs, the tattoos along her body. Maybe it’s the way she moves. Anything that easily catches the eye, stimulating the imagination and more. Everyone knows when they’ve seen their own personal hottest strippers at any gentlemen’s club.

Obvious answers, and they aren’t necessarily wrong ones. Everyone’s got their own set of eyes and a brain. Everyone has something that ‘speaks’ to them, something that says: “THIS is the sexiest strip tease!” or “THIS is the wildest lap dance!”

Here’s the thing, though: No matter what you prefer about a dancer, you can’t forget the music.

Music is the cream to the peaches for the hottest strippers

Whether it’s the lyrics, an absolutely thumping bass line, the singers, the instruments used, the music isn’t just background noise. It accompanies a performance, enhances it. Gentlemen’s clubs have been around for a long time, surviving through multiple musical eras. The Palomino Club opened back in 1969, so you can bet we’ve had lots of different music over the decades!

The atmosphere in a club of today is different, and the music of today is what you’ll hear most of the time. That doesn’t mean there aren’t classics! There’s been dozens of enduring hits. You can look up any number of top ten or top hundreds lists. While the order of songs may be different, you may notice some consistent names in that list.

One that you should always see, no matter what, is a little number from Def Leppard.

Don’t actually follow the advice in the title of this song

At least not in the club.

Pour Some Sugar On Me is one of those songs that had a rough start, charts-wise. Arriving on Def Leppard’s Hysteria in 1987, the album had a relatively lukewarm reception. When the US record company decided to release it as a single a year later, the album’s fortunes reversed overnight. It hit number 2 on the charts for singles, and Hysteria was boosted to the top of the music mountain.

Apparently, the girls in the Florida strip club scene kept calling in to radio stations to request the song. From there, it became one of THE strip club songs. You better believe more than a few ladies at The Palomino Club have put on a show for our customers to this 80’s hit.

I mean when a song has lyrics on these in it:

Crazy little woman in a one man show/Mirror queen, mannequine, rhythm of love

It is a goddamned strip club song. It’s a pole dance song. It’s a “two strippers grinding on stage” song. And it absolutely is a song that can make any good lap dance that much better.

And according to the legends themselves, it still gets ladies at concerts to show the goods whenever they play it. And we can tell you that the song hasn’t stopped getting some plays here at the Palomino Club. Since Sugar blew up in 1988, the hottest strippers around the world have given their goods a good shake to this song.

Sure, there’s always the new, modern stuff, and that works too. Every music genre is filled with artists who know how to cut directly to suggestive, raunchy lyrics. You can find driving, sensual rhythms anywhere. But somehow, we think classic songs like Sugar will still be getting played decades from now.