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Strippers TV show on its way

August 5, 2016  |   4:21 pm

A new show is in development that is set to bring viewers into the world of pole dancing in the Dirty Delta. The strippers TV show entitled Pussy Valley is an adaptation of the play of the same name, written by Katori Hall. Producers of the show will include Katori Hall, Peter Chernin (“New Girl”), Dante Di Loreto (“American Horror Story”), and Jenno Topping (“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”).

Each episode of the strippers TV show will be an hour long. “Pussy Valley” dives into the drama of each of the five pole dancers’ lives, both on and off stage. Clients range from local working men to politicians and athletes. Each segment of the show covers a different female dancer’s view of the job and what makes it a unique experience. Some flourish on stage, while others feel trapped. The show is sure to intrigue audiences and appears to be a more honest look at the lives of women in the sex industry.

The strippers TV show genre is not new to the scene. There’s a number of predecessors to the show, but none have had the potential success or range that Pussy Valley promises. A previous male strippers TV show – “The Whole Shebang” – was in development at Fox, attempting to follow the success of “Magic Mike” and similar full-length features.

Another TV show – “I’m a Stripper” – really dove into the strip club, TV show bandwagon, with the tag line, “The Real Life Magic Men”. Unfortunately, the show only lasted through the first 5 episodes of its short lived notoriety. Spike TV attempted to take a different spin on the strippers TV show genre with “Stripperella”, an animated show about a pole-dancing superhero, voiced by Pamela Anderson.

All in all, “Pussy Valley” has given the high hopes to the producers and potential fans of the show, but if history is to be any kind of indicator, you might not want to hold your breath just yet.