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Strip club party for fallen Ole Miss coach

August 11, 2017  |   1:48 pm

Hugh Freeze made a huge mistake. He failed his own purity tests, like many self-declared good Christians seem to do these days, and resigned as head coach of the Ole Miss Rebels. In honor of a “good” man’s fall from grace, Ole Miss fan, and strip club magnate Jerry Westlund is throwing a strip club party in his name. The party at The Pony is this Saturday, one last tribute to Hugh Freeze, the Coach Who Was.

Why throw a strip club party for a man who basically destroyed his own career?

So this guy basically gets to fall on his sword for being such a fuck up that he was calling for escorts on his school-issued phone. This is not a good look, and it looks worse worse when you remember that he’s married and has three children. There’s probably going to be a lot of time on the knees for Mr. Freeze as he begs forgiveness.

Jerry Westlund has other ideas, and none of them appear to involve forgiveness for now. Outside of obvious trolling, he’s got some pretty solid reasoning behind this event at The Pony. In an interview with USA Today, he laid out his argument:

“Hugh Freeze was a piece of work to me because he banned his players from coming to my clubs. He banned them from going to strip clubs. I’m like, I’m sorry at 18 years old you can serve your country. We can give you a gun and send you to a Godforsaken place like Afghanistan, but Hugh Freeze decided they weren’t mature enough to come to a strip club.”

He also seemed fairly bothered that Freeze ignored The Pony just a few miles off campus when he was busy phoning up escorts. All in all, this is a very nice way of saying “Screw you, you fucking hypocrite.”

As you might expect, this makes some people very upset.

So who is the real villain here?

Freeze, like many of his ilk, enjoyed tweeting bible passages and generally being a proper good bible thumper as it suited him. For some college football fans, it’s not enough to win, but you have to be morally “superior” in some way, and the Good Book makes it easy for people to look the other way.

For some folks, The Pony’s strip club party is a personal attack on Hugh and on Ole Miss. Which is ironic because Jerry Westlund is a MASSIVE fan of Ole Miss football. We like to think that Jerry’s a better man than Hugh. Sure he’s kicking the coach while he’s down, but maybe he deserves it.

I mean, sure, Hugh Freeze may or may not have directed his staff to violate NCAA regulations. Sure, the former head coach of Ole Miss is accusing Freeze and other officials of more or less trying to pin the blame on him. And sure, some women are coming out years after the fact accusing him of creepy shit to them in high school.

But, he’s only human after all.