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Former strip club owner Rick Rizzolo fails to pay off victim

March 24, 2017  |   3:33 pm

The story of Rick Rizzolo, and his Crazy Horse Too stripclub, in a lot of ways just fits the reputation Las Vegas has in some circles. A high-rolling strip club owner accused of Mafia connections, pretending he’s above the law. Until he isn’t, until one beating-in-the-club-parking-lot actually sticks. Until there are consequences.

Rick Rizzolo ought to be old news at this point. After a 2001 scuffle inside and outside of the club ended with one Kirk Henry getting his neck broken, the world seemed to conspire against him. A long-running investigation into his Mafia ties was spurred into more overt action after Henry’s crippling injury. Henry identified the man who attacked him as a club shift manager, Bobby D’Apice. He would be arrested in October 2002. It was the first arrest in a case that was escalated into a RICO investigation following the Kirk Henry incident.

In 2005, racketeering charges were leveled at Rick Rizzolo, and 16 other associates and club employees. He dodged a long stay in prison with a plea deal in 2006. Ultimately, Crazy Horse Too would go out of business and re-open under another name and owner; Rizzolo was forced to sell the club as part of the deal.

The millions Rick Rizzolo owes to a dead man

The story doesn’t end here, because that would mean a much shorter blog.

Kirk Henry was to receive $10 million dollars after the sale of Crazy Horse Too, a fair sum after having a paid tough break his neck. This was made complicated by one of two important factors. One was the sale of the club itself, and the other was Rick Rizzolo’s own efforts to not pay up.

From 2006 to 2014, Crazy Horse Too underwent a flurry of auctions and multiple owners. A series failed attempts to properly buy, and then manage, the club led to name changes. The license to serve alcohol was ultimately lost. Crazy Horse Too started off receiving bids over $30 million; by 2011 it was valued as low as $5 million.

As for Rick Rizzolo himself, he paid Kirk Henry a court-ordered $1.05 million in 2012. As you can see, that’s quite some time after the actual incident in 2001, or the order to sell Crazy Horse Too in 2006.  The Henry family sued to try and get the remainder of the settlement, which to this day has not been paid off. The lawsuit includes other exciting allegations, such as Rizzolo staging a dramatic divorce with his wife in order to rid himself of any financial assets that would be used to pay off the Henry’s.

The story is ongoing, but some of the players have left the stage. Kirk Henry died in March of 2017. His wife, Amy Henry, passed away from cancer back in 2015. Whatever Rick Rizzolo owes, assuming he pays any of it, will go to the Henry estate.

Rizzolo’s own ongoing trainwreck with the law continues. He’s been in and out of prison, and in 2014 was slapped with new charges of tax evasion. His life of lording over a strip club and hired muscle may be over, but he’s not done paying for the consequences. Especially since he doesn’t seem to want to pay at all. It’s a very Vegas thing to bet against the house, and it isn’t always true that the house wins.

Doesn’t seem like a bet that’s paid off this time.