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Sexy pole dance in Vienna: JLaw's Stripper Games

May 31, 2017  |   10:24 am

Completely unapologetic, and still ridiculously hot, Jennifer Lawrence took some time off from shooting her newest film to star in an independent work. Filmed with arguably the latest phone cameras, fueled by an impressive amount of Beluga vodka, and possibly inspired by the hottest Vegas strippers, the world was given The Stripper Games. Which is to say “an impromptu sexy pole dance at a strip club in Vienna.”

It is a bit of a leap from expert hunting with a bow and arrow, for sure. The five hour epic celebrated a close friend’s birthday party, as well as the fact that actually… Jennifer Lawrence is not a very good pole dancer.

That’s okay, because she had fun. No seriously, look at these pictures. This is what a party from 11PM to 4AM looks like. She says she doesn’t intend to apologize, and goddamnit we agree with her.

Women in Hollywood have some damned good reasons to be hyper protective of their public image these days. People who don’t stand of a chance of actually bedding any famous beauties spend considerable amounts of time looking for ways to see them nude. See every leaked sex tape, read up on the iCloud celebrity photo leaks. Witness paparazzi chasing down a woman celebrity when she’s spotted sharing space next to someone else who is rich, famous, and possibly scandalous.

So yeah, when Jennifer Lawrence lets her hair down with a sexy pole dance(and downs approximately all the drinks beforehand), people notice.

The Mockingjay’s sexy pole dance, a symbol of revolution…

Or of falling away from a stripper pole unintended and hurting yourself.

There’s a skill to shaking ass on stage, writhing around the pole and on the floor, enticing gentlemen to spend a little bit more. There’s also a skill to graceless flopping about… maybe. Look, we’re allowed to make a little fun. Not because JLaw bothered to have fun, mind you. Those kinds of people don’t get that even a rising star has a life of their own. Or they’re posting their own hit piece of Breitbart. They’d be lucky to afford a “low-rent gogo dancer” with that sort of bullshit.

Outside of lights, camera, scripts and prepared interviews, Ms. Lawrence is a woman, and sometime women want to party. And if there is something a strip club more than appreciates, it’s gorgeous women putting on a show. Cheers to that friend of hers, by the way, happy birthday indeed. We get to see the hottest Vegas strippers every night here at the Palomino, but we don’t get to see Jennifer Lawrence go wild.

Or spanking her own ass with a stack of cash. Or drunkenly kissing a guy and dry humping them. Ma’am this is a professional gentlemen’s establishment, some of that stuff is supposed to be in the VIP rooms.

But if you ever want to put on another sexy pole dance, we welcome you with open arms, and a full bar.