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Rise of the Las Vegas bar robots

July 7, 2017  |   2:01 pm

Hitting up a Las Vegas bar during happy hour is one way to experience just how wild this city can be. And it takes a pretty special bartender to keep up with their customers. And when you’re talking about a gentlemen’s club like the Palomino, our bartenders will get very busy. At the end of the day, each bartender is just one person. They can get overwhelmed by large numbers of customers, and customers will get annoyed just trying to get in their requests.

So what is a Las Vegas bar to do about happy hours going out of control? The obvious answer for most is to hire more bartenders. But even that isn’t a perfect solution: there’s limited space behind the counter. Some bars are massive, able to accommodate dozens of seated customers leaning onto the countertops. Others are small, with room for maybe two ‘tenders and a few seats. Having too many cooks in the kitchen, so to speak, is a recipe for accidents and even more delays in getting drinks out to customers.

One bar has opted for a different solution.

The Tipsy Robot: Automating the Las Vegas bar

A different type of bartender, one that doesn’t tire. One that is stronger, faster, more efficient. A bartender that accurately pours exactly what is needed for any drink available. No more jostling with other party-goers to get the bartender’s attention, this one gets your orders from a convenient touchscreen. And it knows what every mixed drink on the menu needs.

The Tipsy Robot opened on June 30th, with two robot arms as the main attraction. Needing at most a minute and a half, the robot arms can mix anything on the menu, and even accept custom orders. And when they aren’t busy mixing drinks, they dance about as well as you can expect two independent robot arms to dance. The pair even slice fruit in preparation for future concoctions.

For bar-goers who refuse to support the rise of our new robotic overlords, there is a traditional fleshbag bar for luddites. There, they can debate the growth of artificial intelligence and feel obligated to tip a real person serving them.

“Automation won’t stop with the Las Vegas bar!”

So, robots are going to be a thing. And inevitably someone’s got to ask what that means for other bits of entertainment in Las Vegas. Imagine robots shuffling cards and running tables at casinos. Robot Elvises throwing impromptu concerts. Robot room service.

We admit to some bias. Pretty sure that if robot strippers ever become a thing, people will still want the real thing.