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Politicians Pushing For Poledancers

March 17, 2017  |   5:25 pm

It’s more likely than you think, though after 2016 nothing is really impossible for any politician. Regardless, poledancers and politicians have a… complicated history.

It’s not always a healthy one. People of power and authority have been ruined by the mere implication of having visited a strip club. Running one seems like it ought to be out of the question, especially when you’ve got a very large contingent of other politicians who basically look for reasons to feign outrage at slightest possible cause.

Politicians Pushing For Poledancers
The face of artistic sexuality and alcohol licenses.

I suppose when your political career is dead and buried, you may as well do what you want with the taxpayer’s dollars you’ve sat on during your tenure. Just ask Jill Chambers, Republican and former member of the Georgia House of Representative.

Shows with artistic merit

The Oasis Goodtime Emporium brought on Chambers to help advocate for them with the city of Doraville. Before her tenure as a representative ended in 2011, Oasis was already dealing with a city government eager to restrict and destroy adult entertainment establishments.

Oasis was under fire for having poledancers and other entertainers fully nude, while also serving alcohol. The city’s position more or less was to fine the hell out of Oasis and other clubs for alleged violations of the law. Jill Chambers was reportedly brought in as an independent contractor by Oasis to help handle this situation.

At some point she is made the artistic director, and the battle against Doraville enters a new, more artistic phase.

The events at the club now include aerial acts, body painting, and full burlesque. It’s part of a tactic to have Oasis recognized as more than a strip club. With regularly occurring acts that aren’t just poledancers and striptease, the club argues it should get an alcohol license. They serve drinks at other fine, artistically inclined venues. Oasis believes that it is more than just a strip club now.

The struggle for nudes and beers is real

Despite the earnest efforts towards change, Doraville hasn’t relented. Oasis is legally prohibited from serving alcohol, not that Oasis gives a damn what the city thinks; they’re still serving, poledancers are still stripping. Now there’s also a burlesque show twice a day on top of that.

Oasis lawyer Alan Begner claims that they want an alcohol license in order to be legally compliant, despite the club’s current operations not being recognized as such. Begner argues that the club does meet the legal requirements for nude pole dancers and a full bar.

Doraville’s own legal representatives aren’t having it. Despite Jill’s apparent fall from Republican prudish grace, there still are a good number of them out there who can’t imagine a world where sexuality has some artistic merit. And so, the fight continues.

Maybe those people just need to find the right club.