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Olympic Pole-Dancing Might Be Real

October 20, 2017  |   1:39 pm

It’s no surprise that Olympic Pole-Dancing is an idea that a growing number of people are taking seriously. No, it’s not April, it’s very real. And it’s a good thing.

Every adult entertainer who’s done work on the stripper pole knows that it’s a work out. Pole-dancing as we know it in the Palomino is sexy, but it’s also a demonstration of grace, strength and stamina. The very best make it look almost effortless… to the people who aren’t paying as much attention as they think they are.

It’s just not something anyone can do on a whim, not without practice. Unless you don’t mind looking a lot like JLaw in Vienna, drinks optional.

The long road to Olympic pole-dancing

The Global Association of International Sports Federations provides a link to the International Pole Sports Federation, and a short description of what ‘pole sports’ are about. Paraphrased, it’s a performance sport that combines dance and acrobatics. Strength and endurance are tested to lift and spin the body around a pole. Flexibility is demanded to show technique.

Having the GAISF taking interest in your sport is one of the major boosts a sport needs to have a shot with the Olympics. And while it will take years before Olympic pole-dancing actually has a shot at being more than a dream, this first step is incredibly positive.

The IPSF has been taking the idea of pole-dancing as a sport very seriously. In 2012, it began holding world championships. If you’ve been to a strip club, you’ve seen one aspect of pole-dancing. A sexy aspect, but an important aspect for what our entertainers do. This is different from strip club performances. The current champion’s performance really has to be seen to be believed.

A celebration of the human body

There are some pretty obvious differences between this and what happens in a club like the Palomino. On a professional sports stage like this, the clothes stay on. There are rules and regulations, 137 pages in the official book, actually. And we can only imagine just how much harsher the International Olympic Committee will be in judging both the sport and its athletes.

However, despite the differences, there is one important similarity: this a celebration.

If the performances of adult entertainers is a celebration of sexuality, grace, and strength, the same could be said about Olympic pole-dancing. Like any sport at the professional level, it’s a grand display of peak-level fitness, skill, and dedication. A celebration of what dedicated individuals are capable of. Pole-dancing, no matter where you see it, is something to appreciate for the skill involved. If Olympic pole-dancing does become a real event in the future, some people may act surprised, but I don’t think anyone who’s actually tried their hand at it will be.