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Ohio strip clubs accept food stamps for lap dances

October 6, 2017  |   9:48 am

In America, we believe in many things. One of these beliefs is that there is great value in lending a hand to our fellow citizens. There are times where we stumble financially, when we need help just to afford the basic necessities in life. We all need a roof over our heads, we all need to eat and drink, and there are programs in America to help you get those needs fulfilled. However, it’s not perfect; the patrons and employees of some Ohio strip clubs clearly disagreed with the limitations of these programs.

As September drew to a close, the authorities closed in. A simultaneous raid shut down three suspect clubs at once. Thirty-four people involved with the three jiggle joints now face multiple felony and misdemeanor charges.

The dirty trio of Ohio strip clubs

The raids on 9/28 were the culmination of an undercover investigation that began in January. The targets in question? Three clubs on the same stretch of North Dixie Drive in the Harrison township; The Harem, The Living Room, and Sharky’s. Ohio law enforcement sent agents undercover into the clubs for months, and discovered a miniature City of Sin far away from the real deal.

It all started with The Harem. Initially, uniformed officers tried to investigate activity, but they had no luck. It would take undercover agents to discover the trafficking of drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, and Oxycodone. The fun also included illegal sexual activity, prostitution, and the illegal use of SNAP benefits; “Food stamps for lapdances” is sadly not a crude joke in this case.

The Harem apparently had people monitoring the nearby police substation, and when officers were spotted coming to the business a warning would be put out to hide any illegal activity. The investigation of The Harem would eventually lead investigators to The Living Room and Sharky’s, the two other Ohio strip clubs that would be shut down in the September raids.

Everyone ought to have a chance at a decent diet, and as a strip club we think lap dances and sexy shows with sexy gals are important too. Unfortunately, science does NOT support our business as part of your every day nutritional requirements.

You have to wonder what a government-funded Strip Club Visitation Assistance program would look like.