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Miami strip club to hold hurricane watch party

September 8, 2017  |   11:32 am

Hurricane Irma is poised to slam into Florida. It will likely not be at Category 5 strength by the time it hits the state, but it will still be a hurricane. It will bring rain, high winds, and destruction. People are getting ready. Businesses are getting ready. Mandatory evacuations are in effect for parts of the state. However, some are taking the hurricane watch advisory very literally, such as the Office, a Miami strip club that reportedly is planning a hurricane watch party.

At the time this article was posted, New Times was not able to speak to anyone representing the club, so the event was not confirmed. Nor is the sturdiness of the venue. Given that it could be in the path of a hurricane it seems like you’d want to keep the talent and the guests safe from winds exceeding 150 miles per hour.

How does this sound like a good idea to anyone at all ever?

This shit is so Florida.

Almost shooting yourself in the face while trying to take a selfie? Florida.

Getting arrested for an open container after having very public sex on the beach? Florida.

Picking up an ax kept conveniently out in the open to fend off a home invader attacking your girlfriend? FLORIDA.

It is as Florida as it gets. That doesn’t make it a great idea, and hopefully not one that any other Miami strip club tries to emulate, especially if Irma does decide to give it to the city right on the nose. Some publicity stunts aren’t worth it, folks.

A Miami strip club known for flirting with danger?

It’s a question, rather than a statement. The Office, as it’s called, is not the first Miami strip club to bear the name. And some investigation into the Office reveals that this club in particular might already be used to heavy rain of a sort. A rain of bullets, actually.

According to the Miami New Times, multiple locations of The Office have seen shootings, at least one murder, and other varieties of thuggery. Miami Beach police was investigating one location for drug trafficking, prostitution, and other fun ‘extra-legal’ activities. If you are planning to hit this viewing party up, good luck may not be enough. Bring a raincoat, bring a bullet-proof vest, and you might be ready for a different kind of stripnado.