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Las Vegas Strip Club to have Melania Trump-alike perform

December 16, 2016  |   12:00 pm

littledarlings-lv-littledslv-twitterStrip clubs are no strangers to controversy, and they’ve certainly never shied from doing what it takes to get gentlemen to partake in the pleasures that wait behind their open doors. From exotic acts to impersonations of famous personalities, the City of Sin has seen it all. One Las Vegas strip club, Little Darlings, has found an opportunity in this year’s election.

A look-alike of Melania Trump, wife of President-Elect Donald Trump, is scheduled to perform at Little Darlings this coming January. The “Make America Great Again” celebration was announced over the club’s Twitter. Reportedly the Las Vegas strip club has extended a formal invitation to the President-Elect himself. No word has been given on his potential attendance, or lawsuit. However, club manager Ron Nady has said that neither The Don nor his supporters should feel offended by the celebration.

“With all of the media hype surrounding Donald Trump’s inauguration, we just couldn’t help but notice how ridiculously hot his wife is,” said Nady. “I mean, her body is absolutely stunning, and here at Little Darlings, we admire and respect women instead of insulting them. In that vein, we worked tirelessly to find the sexiest Melania Trump look-alike we could, and I think we found one who’s spot on.” Whether or not Mr. Nady’s statements avert a Twitter-storm of vitriol from Donald Trump is anyone’s guess.

Las Vegas Strip Club Ivanka TrumpThis is not the first time Little Darlings has been in the news. The Las Vegas strip club was in the headlines recently for a lawsuit over the treatment of guests by club staff and security. The club has also stirred the lurid pot of the nightclub scene by directly advertising job opportunities to high-school graduates (of legal age, of course).

It doesn’t appear that Little Darlings will bow in the face of any moral outrage any time soon. The club is seeking out an Ivanka Trump-alike, calling her “equally milfy” to Melania.

It’s hard to say, honestly.