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Manhattan strip club dancers take a doctor on a ride

January 26, 2018  |   10:34 am

A cardiologist is off the hook for a $135,000 tab racked up in 2013. Four strip club dancers have pleaded guilty to having drugged the doc, taking him to Scores in Midtown Manhattan, and forging his signature on credit card transactions. The doctor claims that he was thoroughly disoriented, and had no memory of his incredibly expensive party. Someone somewhere would be rich enough to blow 135 large on a strip club if we gave ‘em a buck every time that card came out to play.

The club and the dancers responsible apparently hassled the good doctor for payments, but he fought back in court. A judge ruled in his favor on January 23rd, but the story isn’t over yet. Scores insists that it should still be paid for ‘services rendered’. But the doctor’s lawyer claims that Scores is just as responsible for the fraud as the quartet of dancers, because the club was allegedly 100% in on the scheme.

Here at the Palomino Club, we’ve seen our own fair share of characters walk through our doors. Sometimes, our staff has had to use muscle to get said characters back through those doors. We’ve never had anything quite like this, though!

This is probably not the typical service you can expect from a strip club

I mean at the end of the day, we like having repeat business, and we like high-rollers spending money here. Just like any other club. But a quick look at the Palomino Club’s packages reveals that we do not offer a Grand Larceny package, nor does the official website for the Scores in New York.

It’s easy to joke about because there’s a bit of dark humor in there. Plenty of guys “forget” about going to strip clubs. They tend to forget extra hard when it comes to explaining to a significant other where they spent their time on the business trip. And normally we’d give the benefit of the doubt to the club and the ladies in question, because we get it.

Strip club dancers puts a lot on the line to put on a show every night. The average person doesn’t get it. They don’t deal with what ladies in the business deal with from the worst “gentlemen”. It’s tough work, and we respect it.

The rabbit hole these strip club dancers have dug is very deep

One of the ladies involved in the scheme talked about her time involved with the scheme. Apparently, the stress from the work, and the nature of the guests drove her and her fellow dancers to enact a bit of revenge. Maxed out credit cards for being an annoying asshole was one punishment. Any time one of the girls faltered, the others would convince them to stick with the plan.

Supposedly, they only targeted the ‘bad guys’, a modern-day stripper Robin Hood and her Merry Hot Mamacitas sort of thing. Guys with money, guys who were excessively rude, they had it coming.

So that leaves us wondering just how much this doctor did to earn his fee. Besides spending a ton of time in the private rooms for lap dances.

But then again, one of these dancers had met him outside of the club. Dated him, introduced the other girls in on the scheme as relatives. Maybe he was the worse date ever, or maybe she nailed him because she found out he was a doctor. Somehow, I don’t think we’re going to get the full truth of it from anyone involved outside of court.

All that aside, we can assure you that no Grand Larceny package is in the works here at the Palomino Club.