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Legendary Strip Club Rivalry: Vegans vs. Omnivores!

May 5, 2017  |   9:24 am

There have been rivalries between strip clubs here in Las Vegas, and hell, anywhere else in the US. Some of them have pretty wild origins. When you read about guys like Rick Rizzolo and mafia connections, necks getting snapped in parking lots over parking lot tabs, you should start seeing the picture. Strip club ownership takes all kinds, after all, so honestly it’s not too surprising to read about a rivalry that started because some vegan decided to open a club next to a steakhouse-turned-strip club. This is a real thing that is happening, a legendary strip club rivalry over seemingly petty bullshit.

The Vegans

Johnny “Diablo” Zukle didn’t start out as a vegan, or a strip club owner. We can blame Dr. John McDougall for converting him in 1985. Now a devotee to non-flesh consuming practices, he opened a vegan restaurant in a blue-collar industrial part of Portland. Unsurprisingly, the place wasn’t exactly the biggest hit. Zukle was losing money and customers he never had to begin with, and by 2007 it was looking like he would join the many restaurants suffering from the impending financial collapse. So, with few options, Zukle converted his restaurant into a strip club: Casa Diablo. This forms one half of the legendary strip club rivalry.

Success happened overnight. It turns out that good looking girls on the pole will get anyone to believe your food is amazing, even if it’s vegan. It was enough success that Zuckle looked into expansion. So he chose a spot next to the Acropolis Steakhouse, in a move akin to that asshole vegan interrupting your sumptuous beef-laden meal by telling you that you support murder.

The Meat Eaters

The strip club known as the Acropolis did not begin as such. After Greek immigrant Bob Polizos opened his steakhouse in the 1976, it floundered almost immediately. They tried live music and dinner specials, but they continued to lose money on their 40k investment on the property. Out of desperation they brought in strippers, and suddenly fortunes reversed.

Polizos love of steak remained the priority. As a child, as a sailor, meat was part of his life, and he wanted to bring customers the same joys he had experienced growing up. For a long time, he was the only cook at his own restaurant because he did not trust others to bring the same flavors out of the meat.

The Acropolis Steak House Strip Club became a local staple for great tits and steak in one place. And when Dusk ‘Til Dawn: Casa Diablo 2 opened up next door, he welcomed the competition. And that was the start of a legendary strip club rivalry.

Why is this even a legendary strip club rivalry again?

At first, it sounds like this is just one strip club owner flexing their vegan nuts at a non-vegan strip club owner. But things quickly escalated from a cheeky choice of venue. The Acropolis would ultimately go on to accuse the Casa Diablo 2 of being little more than a whore house. Given that the performers at Casa Diablo 2 tend to push the local mutual contact laws of stripping to the absolute limit, and the live-sex shows they put on, Acropolis probably felt their accusation was apt.

Other problems boiled down the clientele. Casa Diablo 2’s bar judgement of how drunk a customer was called into question. Many times they would serve customers until they became dangerously intoxicated, and those customers would hop over to the Acropolis top start trouble. It got to the point where Acropolis felt the need to erect a real ‘wall’ between the clubs… not that this has stopped club hopping. So now they also hire security.

Flaws in the Acropolis

The complaints aren’t all onesided. Customers and employees have complained about the cleanliness of the Acropolis. At least one stripper left the Acropolis due to the conditions inside the club, eventually going over to work for Casa Diablo 2 as a bartender. The pay was also better.

As often happens with restaurants, many employees do eat in. Food is conveniently available, so why not? And eventually, employees do go to the place next door because having the same food all the time can be maddening. Unfortunately, the spirit of competition has made the Acropolis unfriendly to anyone working at Casa Diablo 2.

Conversely, Acropolis talent dining at Casa Diablo 2 are welcomed with opened arms. Some of the girls want to work both clubs, but the reprisal for doing so means getting taken completely off the Acropolis schedule.

The legendary strip clubs continue to duel

Both the Acropolis and Casa Diablo 2 show no signs of backing down. The Acropolis is far more willing to remain on completely unfriendly terms. Casa Diablo is content to remain regarded as a legendary strip club in its own right. To Zuckle, the rivalry is either an annoyance or a source of amusement. He asks “Can’t we all just get along?”

Maybe if you embrace steak again.