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Las Vegas Strippers Discuss how to Build a DIY Stripper Pole

October 21, 2016  |   9:27 am

The goal of crafting a DIY stripper pole is attainable. If you want to learn how to do it yourself, learn from the best; learn from the Las Vegas Strippers at the Palomino Club!

The materials employed for the pole may be simple, the construction fairly elementary, but that in no way means that the pole should be crude.A portable stripper pole can be constructed for material costing between $25- $75. This is an investment that will pay dividends in hours of enjoyment, exercise, and the satisfaction of using your hands to craft a unique home/office/club project. For all we know, it will add to the curbside appeal and increase home values. While practically anyone can craft one, there’s more to raising the pole than merely grabbing the equipment and heading off willy-nilly. Envisioning, planning, and measuring are paramount. Fortune favors the well-prepared.

las vegas stripper using pole
Las Vegas Strippers demonstrate a pole that’s aesthetically pleasing and well-built

Las Vegas Strippers are experts in constructing the pole. Let them teach you.


  • Wood, cut to 2 x one-foot squares and one 18-inches-in-diameter circle
  • 6-inch Lazy Susan
  • 2 x 1.5-inch flanges
  • 4 surface grippers
  • 2 adapters
  • A ten-foot aluminum pole
  • 20-24 screws
  • 8 bolts
  • lacquer or paint


  1. One square board is the bottom of the base. Attach four grippers to the underside of the wood.
  2. Screw the Lazy Susan to the top side of the wood. Then screw the circular board over the Lazy Susan. Screw the flange into the top of the circular piece of wood. Connect the adapter to the flange. The base is now complete.
  3. Now it’s time to decide on a location. This should not only be a desirable spot for pole dancing and other athletic exercises, but it must be a place where there’s a beam under the ceiling plaster.
  4. Take the second piece of square wood and place it in the desired spot on the ceiling. Align the second flange on top of the wood and bolt both flange and wood to the ceiling. Screw the adapter into the flange. The DIY stripper pole is now anchored.
  5. How long should your pole be? An excellent question. Measure from the bottom flange’s lip to the ceiling flange’s lip. Measure. Measure. Measure once more. Cut the pole to size. Fit the pole between the two adapters. Tighten the adapter’s screws to secure.
  6. Now coat your pole. The topcoat of lacquer or paint ensures that the aluminum pole is safe for contact with sensitive skin.

Any environment will be enhanced by the addition of a dance pole. Impress friends, family, and guests when you say “I made that!”

Check out this helpful video by Kristen Parisi:

To truly understand the athletic rigors a stripper pole must be built to withstand, come pay a visit to the Palomino Club in Las Vegas. Las Vegas Strippers put the pole to excellent use just for you. Las Vegas Strippers are here to inspire you in your own DIY stripper pole project.