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Las Vegas Strip Club Top 5

May 26, 2016  |   2:12 pm

So you’re attending your profession’s yearly conference in Vegas… “Why Vegas”, you ask? So businessmen can get their lap-dance on in the local strip clubs, of course. This week, Eddie Deirmenjian gives us a look at his Las Vegas Strip Club top 5 list!

The Palomino Club

web1_Palomino-Club-upstairs-Courtesy-photo-Palomino2014101012657128_0As luck would have it, this Las Vegas strip club opened in 1969 – boasting the slogan “World Famous Since ’69”! The interior is very red, has many mirrors, and 107 doors… Man, I would hate to have OCD in this place!

Just like Vegas, The Palomino Club rich and storied history… Grand-fathered in as the only club that features a full-bar and full nudity. So that means you can gander at some fully-nude ladies and drink Johnny W., you lucky so-and-so!



seamlessLiving in these modern times – which we do – scientists were able to create a hybrid between the Las Vegas strip club and an after-hours club… This is definitely the sexier side of night-life! The overly-lavish and plush interior leaves nothing to be desired. Seemless also features unisex bathrooms with see-through doors, that turn “non-see-throughable” once locked.

Be it sexy Las Vegas strip club or sultry night club, Seemless has got it all!


Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club

Sapphire-2At 71,000 sq. ft., this Las Vegas strip club is the world’s largest. It’s got a restaurant, 4 bars, 13 VIP Skyboxes, a showroom, 3 lounges, private party rooms, and special VIP areas. This place does not mess around!

So put on your Sunday’s best, come check-out the boasted 6,000 girls, and their “after-market adjustments”!



Scores Las Vegas

scores_sale1This Las Vegas strip club boasts the title of the world’s #1 strip club chain! You can enjoy fine-dining, cocktails, sports viewing, and (let’s not forget) hundreds of gorgeous international showgirls. The interior has a touch of elegance and a dash of sophistication, with a grandiose staircase leading up to the second level’s VIP rooms.

So, visit Scores and experience all it has to offer!


Olympic Garden Adult Cabaret

olympic_garden_las_vegas1This club modernized the Las Vegas strip club and set the bar high! Inside, you’ll find hundreds of gorgeous women (aptly dubbed “The Dream Girls”), populating the stage for your tipping pleasure.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… “Sure, OG sounds great! But would my grandma like it?”… Rest assured, you overly-confident gent! The second floor is dedicated to an all-male revue… “The Men of Olympus”!



Some Parting Advice from Eddie

  1. Don’t forget to tip…
  2. Treat the girls with respect!