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Las Vegas strip clubs most overplayed songs

September 2, 2016  |   6:00 pm

It doesn’t take much to get a guy’s engine revved, but there are a few things that any hard-working girl from the Las Vegas strip clubs can’t do without. A good outfit, great pair of shoes, and the occasional floor show to work up crowd’s appetite are all vitally important… But none of it happens without a good dance track. Unfortunately, in the immortal words of the Barenaked Ladies, “It’s all been done” when it comes down to picking a prized tune for dancing.

So we’ve compiled the top 3 most overplayed songs in Las Vegas strip clubs, so you don’t make the mistake of requesting any from the DJ of the next Las Vegas strip club you attend.

3.) “You Shook Me All Night Long” – AC/DC

Nothing says “sexy” quite like the vivid imagery painted by the lyrics of this 80’s ode to the greatest night stand a guy could have with a girl. With songs like this, it’s easy to get caught up in the memory of it all, until halfway through and the nostalgia-high wears off… You’d probably be just as well-served to play “Cherry Pie” or “American Woman”, but we’d like to think you know better.

2.) “Closer” – Nine Inch Nails

The 90’s just wouldn’t have been the same without the haunting vocals of Trent Reznor, nor the rest of the collective talent from Nine Inch Nails. Since the release of “The Downward Spiral” album in 1994, this masterpiece of creep-anthems has been a mainstay in the world of G-strings and bottle service. It’s certainly not the worst song you could pick, but (as with the other options on this list) it’s certainly had it’s fair share of playtime in Las Vegas strip clubs for the last 20+ years.

1.) “Pour Some Sugar On Me” – Def Leppard

Part of any self respecting person at strip club has to be asking, “Why would anyone pick this?”. But we can’t deny that the song has obvious, if not blatant sex appeal. But what the song boasts in applicable merit, it severely suffers (more-so than any other song on this list) from a serious case of being overplayed. Do yourself a favor and pick anything but this one!