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Local club hit with lawsuit

July 29, 2016  |   6:05 pm

There are lots of accusations flying around the desert this week after an altercation inside Las Vegas strip club Little Darlings close to two years ago was recently dredged back up in the form of a lawsuit against the club and several of its employees.

The plaintiff of the lawsuit alleges that he was improperly dealt with by club security, and suffered multiple serious injuries due to the club’s negligence in employee training and poor judgment in hiring and employee retention. The plaintiff, a local man named Matthew T. Gates, claims that he was with her brother and cousin in the club before being enthusiastically beaten by the bouncers and club staff in the culmination of some unknown argument.

The lawsuit targets both the Las Vegas strip club and individual employees, and seeks damages for general and punitive damages, including medical bills for joint and ligament damage and attorney’s fees. Few actors involved in the matter have publicly commented: Gates and his lawyers have released only a short statement accompanying the lawsuit, and both the owner of the club and the Las Vegas Police Department have said very little on the matter. The police have confirmed that a squad car responded to an assault and battery call at the club on the night in question, but no official statement has been made by a department employee.

Little Darlings is one of the largest fully nude strip clubs in the United States, and is a mainstay on the Las Vegas strip club scene. It features typical dance and private event price structures, and offers bottle service, hookah service and a full bar and menu to clients.

Personal injury lawsuits are not a new feature of the late night entertainment industry. The consumption of alcohol and drugs by clients can make confrontations with staff inevitable, and the fact is that many of these confrontations can turn violent in an atmosphere so rife with testosterone. Most strip clubs in Las Vegas employ well-trained staff, but some certainly do not properly train their bouncers in situational de-escalation of conflict and resolution of disagreements.

Lawsuits like the one filed by Gates will continue to occur despite the industry’s best efforts, simply because of the issues inherent to strip clubs: drunken and rowdy clientele, inexperienced or frustrated club staff, and libations by the hundreds.

The suit was actually filed in Clark County Court, and now is pending in the legal system. Little Darlings will be forced to defend itself from the lawsuit’s allegations, and surely the company hopes for a bit of help from the Las Vegas Police Department in the form of an accident report from the night in question. Another violent night at a Las Vegas strip club, another personal injury lawsuit — this one was simply two years in the making.