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Las Vegas Strip Club Etiquette: How to Behave at a Strip Club

November 17, 2021  |   3:51 am

For the inexperienced, going to the strip club can be a daunting experience. After all, there is a lot you need to remember, from making sure you abide by the dress code to making sure you avoid one of the many social faux pas once you’re inside.

While the primary goal is to have fun, relax, and enjoy the show, there are some important written and unwritten rules that you need to be aware of if you want to make sure that you’re granted entry into the club and remain inside for the entirety of the night.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most important Las Vegas Strip club etiquette.

Do Dress Accordingly

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you’re dressed accordingly. Strip clubs are classy establishments, and as a result, they normally enforce a strict dress code that must be adhered to. The dress policy varies between venues, so you need to check their website or give them a call beforehand to make sure the bouncers will let you in with the outfit you had in mind.

For the most part, you should aim for a business casual look, such as a smart pair of jeans, slacks, and a shirt. However, feel free to dress as formally as you like; the strip club isn’t a place where you need to worry about being overdressed, as donning a suit and tie will likely grab you more attention from the girls.

Additionally, some absolute no-goes will almost certainly ensure you are rejected from the club. With that in mind, here are some items of clothing you should definitely avoid:

  • Gang apparel
  • Athletic/sports clothes
  • Flip flops and sandals
  • Plain white t-shirts
  • Ripped or torn clothes

Strip Club Etiquette


Do Bring Cash

While at the Las Vegas strip club, you must remember to tip. Tipping is the primary currency here, and it’s the only way to keep the girl’s attention and their respect. After all, they are working, and one of the only real ways they can make money is through their tipping customers. So when should you tip, and how much?

Well, this all depends. If you have taken up a seat at the main stage, then you should keep your tips steady and consistent. A good rule of thumb is $1-2 per performer, per dance – if you really liked what you saw and want to spend some time with them later on in the night, then don’t be afraid to tip more. As for private dancers, tip as you see fit, but if you had a great time and made a connection with the girl then be sure to show her some appreciation.

Do Understand Why You Are There

Once inside, some people tend to get carried away with the whole vibe of the place and forget why they are there. Remember, this is a strip club. It’s not a place where you will find or expect to find prostitutes or sex workers who will be willing to let you pay for extras. They are professionals and should be treated with respect.

Secondly, it’s not a museum. This means you should not expect to pay the entrance fee and then get to stand around all night without paying for a drink or tipping the dancers. People will notice your lack of spending, and you may be asked to leave if you spend too much time inside without “taking part.”

 Behave at a Strip Club


Do Be Polite To The Dancers

Manners go a long way. Please talk to all of the girls with respect and never demand anything from them. If you want to approach them, do so calmly and make sure you frame your question politely. Also, refrain from using foul language or badmouthing the other dancers while you are inside. All of the women who work there are colleagues, some of them are even close friends – don’t be rude and don’t try to make it a competition between the girls.

Don’t Touch The Dancers

Carrying on from the previous two points, touching the dancers is a big no-no. There are bouncers located all over the clubs who are there to ensure the safety of the girls. If you are seen attempting to grope, kiss, or touch the girls in any way, the bouncers will almost certainly waste no time in ejecting you from the club.

Remember – look with your eyes, not your hands, even during a private dance. If you really feel the need, you could always ask your private dancer what level of touching is allowed. There is nothing wrong with a politely framed question, but unsolicited grabbing/touching is one of the cardinal sins of the club.

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Don’t Record Or Take Photos

Don’t be that guy! Most strippers place a high value on their discretion and often utilize aliases in order to protect their identity. With this in mind, walking into the club and trying to film the girls or take photos of them is considered to be extremely rude and will most likely result in your removal from the club. In fact, in most states, it’s actually a Class A Misdemeanor to record in a club.

At the very least, bouncers will ask to see evidence that you deleted the photograph, which could result in your privacy being violated as they ask you to show them your personal photo gallery. Talk about turning the tables!

Also, try not to sit on your phone all night. Sitting around on your phone watching YouTube videos or scrolling your Instagram feed is not the best luck. It’s a surefire way to lose the girl’s attention, and the other dancers will most likely avoid you like the plague in the expectation that you will are an inattentive customer. Put your phone away and enjoy the show.

Don’t Bring Someone Who Doesn’t Want to Be There

Last but not least, try to avoid taking someone to the club who does not want to be there. As we have touched upon a few times in this guide, it’s important to give off good energy and to show respect to the girls. Yep, this means consistent tipping. If you have a friend with you who is uncomfortable with the vibes inside the club, they will ruin the whole experience and will likely cause the dancers to steer clear of your group.

While this may be a lot to take in, a lot of these rules of strip club etiquette come down to common sense and a simple showing of respect to the girls and the other people who work inside the club. In general, you want to make sure that you bring enough cash for the whole evening, dress accordingly, and refrain from any unsolicited touching or recording of the performers.

To stay on the safe side, let the bouncers know it’s your first time when entering the club, or tell them that you are inexperienced and feel a little nervous. This will usually land you some more leniency when inside, and if you break one of the rules of strip club etiquette, they will be more inclined to give you a friendly reminder rather than throwing you out straight away.

In general, bring good energy, have a positive attitude, and be prepared to tip the girls well, and you will almost certainly have a night to remember. Have fun!