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Las Vegas nude dancers share their holiday wish list

December 23, 2016  |   11:29 am

Girls who give amazing experiences are what define the strip club experience, and few ladies compare to Las Vegas nude dancers. In private dances, or on the stage swaying sensuously around the pole for a crowd, these girls know how to give gentlemen a good time. They give so much of themselves in every performance, it could leave some men wondering what more could they offer in return. It is that time of the year, and time is running out.

What do Las Vegas nude dancers want for Christmas? Something practical? Something fun? Something that’s a little of both? We asked our ladies what they wanted to see under a Christmas tree from someone special, and the answers may surprise and intrigue you!

One of our girls suggested she would offer something special to a Planned Parenthood donator. “I’m a nice girl, most of the time. Someone special with a big heart might inspire me to be a little naughtier.” She wouldn’t tell us who that someone special is of course.

Another delectable darling had something classic in mind. “I can’t find an NES Classic anywhere!” she pouted. “I had a Nintendo as a kid, my Daddy had it in his closet and he’d let me play it any time I asked. I’d really like to get one of these for Christmas.”

“I need something I can use to listen to my music during a work out,” said another fine and fit lady. “I’ve been bothering the roommate about my Beats Solo she broke, so maybe something nice will come of it.”

“I’ve been good this year,” our last interviewee said with a playful grin. “So I’m treating myself to a new iPhone 7. Merry Christmas to me!” She started to blush at that, so of course I had to ask what was so embarrassing about a new phone.

“It’s for me and the boyfriend.”

It couldn’t be that embarrassing. Curiosity was getting the better of me.

“Well,” she said, twirling her hair between fingertips nervously. “He got me something we can both use, even when he’s far away.”

Ah, a long-distance relationship.

“I’ve got needs, and- and sometimes a switch has got to get flipped. And we can do that over the phone. I can too, if I need it.” She turned away from me now. “He… got me a We-Vibe 4. The fancy Plus one.”

I suppose we could all use a buzz of one sort or another. There are apps for that.

Now you know what some of the hottest Las Vegas nude dancers want for Christmas, but turnabout is fair play. Are there any gifts you’re hoping to see on that special day? Leave a comment and let us know!