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Las Vegas in October

October 22, 2018  |   9:40 am

Once again, hello to everyone here for another lovely Las Vegas October. The heat is beginning to die down a bit and not a moment too soon really. Nobody wants to trick or treat when it is still 100 degrees at 9:30 in the evening. Which reminds me, The Palomino Club will be participating in the festivities as well. The club happens to be a huge fan of Halloween and being in the “spirit” of things. Come and do some trick or treating of your own. Though we would certainly appreciate more treating than tricks! There are plenty of sugary sweets waiting for you down here. Join all the other witches and warlocks of the night and come have a hauntingly good time with everyone down here at the world-famous Palomino Club.

Our Best Regards,
The Staff of The Palomino