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Las Vegas Dancers Favorite Cocktails

October 14, 2016  |   2:01 pm

Do you ever wonder what Las Vegas dancers really like to drink? Well here is your chance to find out. We asked some of the girls at the Palomino Club about their favorite drinks to help them cut loose and have fun. Even the most beautiful Las Vegas dancers like to imbibe, so the girls shared what they like to drink to get the party started.

One of the Palomino club’s most gorgeous Las Vegas dancers is Anastasia. She loves to drink Vodka with Cranberry Juice because it is slightly sweet, slightly tart, just like her! The pretty pink drink is also her favorite color. She loves to sip them with a slice of lime on the side!

Mariah’s favorite cocktail is a Dry Martini. No sweet, girly drinks for her! She is a simple and classy girl, just like her favorite drink. She loves to order extra olives, they are her guilty pleasure food!

palominoclub-drinksDestiny loves to order a Long Island Iced Tea. This party girl likes to have a good time and she drinks a wide array of cocktails. With this drink, she can have them all in one! Be sure to order it with diet cola, though; Destiny’s appearance is very important to her.

Jasmine’s favorite cocktail to sip on is a classic Gin and Tonic. Her grandma taught her how to drink and they used to enjoy these cocktails together. But be warned: Jasmine will not drink just any old cheap gin. The top shelf stuff is all that will pass through her lips!

Kaitlyn loves to drink Black Russians. She likes the flavor of coffee but doesn’t want to feel that caffeine crash, so she enjoys this cocktail instead. Just like her favorite drink, Kaitlyn is bold and strong but still sweet.

The Palomino Club in Las Vegas is the only Las Vegas strip club with a full bar! You can even get some great bar packages so you don’t have to worry about ordering all night. So come visit some beautiful Las Vegas dancers and share a drink or two with them while you enjoy the show!