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Lap Dance Etiquette: 101

July 8, 2016  |   5:39 pm

Many may be surprised to find out that, while strip clubs can seem like a place where “anything goes”, there are still rules to enjoying the more exotic side of night-life. Las Vegas strippers can be a pretty easy-going bunch, but there are always lines that one should never cross (especially when it comes to something as close-quarters as a lap dance). So this week, we’ve laid out the basic rules and etiquette for being on the receiving end of a lap dance.

No phones during the performance

Believe it or not, many Las Vegas strippers find it just as offensive to text or take a call in the middle of the lap dance, as one might expect a theater performer would under the same circumstances. The dance is itself a work of art and when you’ve commissioned one of these gorgeous artists, they expect to have your full attention.

Additionally, most dancers would find it inconsiderate to have their pictures taken or videos recorded on the aforementioned mobile device. Not only that, in most states it’s considered a misdemeanor to do so in a strip club.

Keep it in your pants, Lance!

In the age of digital socialization, there are many things to which we’ve become desensitized, but exposing your genitals to an unwilling stranger is not one of them. Yet, this is apparently something that Las Vegas strippers still have to deal with on an occasional basis. Yes, you are receiving a lap dance, but no one is paying you to take it off. So it’s best to keep your clothes on and keep the snake caged.

Hands off the merchandise

The temptation to cop a feel on a Las Vegas stripper can sometimes be overwhelming. After all, there’s a gorgeous, barely clad woman doing the sauciest number you’ve ever seen right in front of you. Who wouldn’t want to? Still, these women are still people and deserve the same respect as anyone else. The same extends to kissing, licking, biting, etc. You are not in pre-school anymore, so act like it!

The Golden Rule

There are plenty of simple rules like these that can keep Las Vegas strippers happy to have you as a client, but the main one is the same as in the rest of life:

“Treat others as you would want to be treated.”

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