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Hit CES in the Morning, Hit The Hottest Strip Club at Night

January 5, 2018  |   1:03 pm

We’ve made it to 2018, but for Las Vegas that doesn’t mean it’s time to slow down! Last year in January, over 180,000 visitors descended on the Gambling Capital of the World for the Computer Electronics Show. Once again, CES is holding court in early January, and from January 9th to the 12th the latest innovations in technology will be on display. However, the show venues aren’t going to be the only hotspots! Most people aren’t coming to Vegas without visiting at least one of the famous casinos, the hottest strip club, or any of the other attractions in Sin City.

No need to hire a lift to the Palomino club!

We understand how much of a hassle it can be to have to drive yourself in an unfamiliar setting. There’s a reason why we’ve got some of the brightest people in the world trying to get machines to drive for us! And that’s why the Palomino Club offers free transportation to and from the club. After tearing through your packed CES schedule, contact us to schedule a proper ride to the hottest strip club in Vegas! Treat yourself and your friends like kings, arrive in style, and get ready for the hottest ladies you’ve seen on or off your computer screens!

The hottest strip club isn’t a virtual paradise: it’s real and spectacular

VR is huge these days. We’ve talked about strip clubs looking into VR. We know porn producers are considering it. It’s already a thing with video games. And that’s great, and there’s no doubt that CES is going to be talking about the latest virtual experiences.

At the Palomino Club, we know that not one VR experiences comes close to the real thing. No headset is going to serve you drinks. No fancy massage seat and some goggles beats our private rooms. There isn’t a single piece of technology that can match hitting up Las Vegas’ only strip club with all-nude dancers and a fully stocked bar. We’re also pretty sure that the multiplayer functionality leaves something to be desired.

Don’t get us wrong: CES is a hell of a showcase of the latest tech. It’s just not the only show in town. Hire that Lyft, or contact us to set up ride to our show floor, and our ladies will show you a wonderful time. There’s something for everyone here at the Palomino Club, for singles, or for singles bringing some friends along for the fun!