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How Does it Feel to Visit a Strip Club for the First Time?

June 9, 2022  |   4:58 am

Your first time at a strip club should be fun, but if you don’t know what the process involves and what the rules are you can actually find it a bit daunting. Preparing yourself for the sort of feelings you will experience in a Las Vegas strip club can help everyone to have the best possible time.

What to Expect on Your First Strip Club Visit?

It’s not like you’ve seen on television. Your expectations should be different from those you see on your favorite shows. As with most things in life it is not like it is in the movies.

Expect a great show, and hopefully a nice vibe in the club, but also expect an environment that protects the performers first and foremost. Your first time at a strip club can feel daunting as there will be some security there, but this is definitely best for everyone’s safety.

Tips for Going to a Strip Club for the First Time

For your first time at a strip club, there are a few simple tips that can help you get in the right mindset and understand what etiquette is like.

  • Research about the Club

You should check that the club has a good reputation and is an enjoyable place to spend your time. Like any entertainment business, it is relatively easy to find reviews of strip clubs and see what other people have said about their time there.

  • Prepare Your Cash

Strip clubs tend to deal mainly in cash, especially when it comes to giving tips. It’s expected that you tip a great performance (respectfully) but the dancer is not likely to get out a contactless card machine. Make sure you take enough cash, and different denominations so you have the right money when you need it.

 Visit a Strip Club for the First Time

  • Prepare Your Mind

Be cool! Your first visit to a strip club can be a bit overwhelming if you haven’t really thought about it or prepared for what you are going to see. Remember that it is just the human body, and prepare your mind to be natural and act natural.

You should also avoid having too much alcohol. This is about knowing your boundaries and if you have had a lot to drink, that can be much more of a difficult task. Go in with a clear mind so you don’t make any mistakes or say or do the wrong thing.

Lap dance is exactly that, a dance! Don’t expect any more in the way of sex or sexual favors, this is a performance for you to sit and enjoy and it doesn’t involve any form of touching. Though you might be excited by the performance, remember that this is just a chance to look, not to touch.

Dos & Don’ts for First Time Gentlemen’s Club Visitors

  • Do:
    • Ask questions politely and respectfully if you aren’t sure of the rules (it’s okay to explain that it is your first time if you are getting a private lap dance).
    • Always be totally respectful of the performers.
    • Give generous tips (but don’t expect this to ‘buy’ you any extras).
    • Be friendly. Always be polite and friendly to the performers.
  • Don’t:
    • Expect any sexual favors. This is not what strip clubs are about.
    • Be disrespectful in any way such as talking down to performers or acting like they are there to serve you, they are not.
    • Don’t touch. The majority of strip clubs are really strict about this, and the performers are not objects for you to touch.
    • Negotiate. This is really insulting.