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Come Celebrate The Forth of July in Las Vegas

July 2, 2018  |   8:20 am

Well ladies and gents, another extremely hot summer in Vegas. Its not even July yet and we have already been breaking the 110 degree mark. Looks like its going to be a scorching Fourth of July. Which is why the Palomino Club would like to invite you all to come on down, grab a drink from the bar, and spend a cool evening with any of our wonderful ladies. We would also like anyone and everyone to come on down for the Fourth of July. Who knows you may end up seeing sparks fly even while indoors! Don’t  be a stranger. Come join the party that doesn’t stop till the sun comes up. We would all love to have you and do our best to make sure you have one Hell of a time.

Our Best Regards,
The Staff at Palomino