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5 Prep Tips for Las Vegas Strip Clubs

September 12, 2016  |   10:43 am

There is no better city to go out for a night at a strip club than Las Vegas. Sin City has the best strip clubs in the world. Las Vegas strip clubs are packed with gorgeous ladies who really know how to put on a show. If you are new to the world of strip clubs, you need to know the proper etiquette for going to the strip club. Here are five prep tips to make sure you are ready to have a great time at Las Vegas strip clubs.

1. Dress Right

Though the weather can be hot in Las Vegas, make sure you leave the shorts at home when you are going out to the strip club. Almost every club bans shorts, and many also require guests to wear a collared shirt as well. You are going to be surrounded by gorgeous women in Las Vegas strip clubs. Make yourself look presentable.

2. Load up on Cash

You can pay for your drinks with your credit card, but the ladies will be wanting cash for lap dances and VIP sessions. You want to make sure to stock up on lots of cash before you go out to Las Vegas strip clubs. Most of the clubs do have ATMs, but they usually charge outrageously high fees for withdrawals. It is obviously a good idea to bring lots of dollar bills. Bringing a good mix of singles and twenties is the best approach to your cash when you are heading to the strip club.

3. Tipping the Ladies

Believe it or not, but the dancers at Las Vegas strip clubs make most or all of their money solely on tips. This means that you are being an obnoxious jerk if you don’t tip while you are at the strip club. If you are watching a girl dance, you should tip her to show your appreciation. You don’t have to make it rain, but placing a single or two in her G-string is a nice gesture and a lot of fun.

4. Budgeting for the Strip Club

It is understandable for first-timers to be a bit clueless about how much money to bring to Las Vegas strip clubs. The best way to budget is to figure that you will spend about $30 every hour on tips and drinks. You also will be spending $20 for every private dance. With these figures in mind, do the math. Figure out how many hours you will be at the strip club and how many dances you are willing to pay for, and you will have your budget set.

5. Respect

Keep in mind that these dancers are daughters, mothers and sisters. Treat them with the respect that every woman deserves. Be extra sure to keep your hands off the ladies. You will get thrown out and might end up getting hurt if you don’t keep your hands off. Also, it should go without saying, but prostitution is illegal in Clark County and you should never suggest it to the dancers.